The Real Survivalists is a UK based survival and preparedness website. The aim is to share as much information as possible and be the number 1 survival and preparedness resource in the UK.

Whilst it is fun to let our imaginations run wild every now and again and think about how to survive a zombie apocalypse or the end of the world as we know it – The Real Survivalists is more about considering REAL situations that could happen to you and providing REAL information that will help you make it out the other side.

With more and more people becoming involved in the survival and preparedness world,The Real Survivalists hopes to provide something for everyone. From complete newbies with no survival experience or knowledge at all, to seasoned survivalists who are looking to top up their knowledge base or share their skills and experiences with others.

The type of material you will find at The Real Survivalists varies from how to articles, interviews, product reviews and much more. The whole idea of this site is to be as interactive as possible and content, ideas and any other type of involvement from you is always welcome.

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