UK Preparedness Magazine – The Countdown Begins

UK Preparedness Magazine – The Countdown Begins

A UK Preparedness Magazine is going to happen! The Real Survivalists have started to work on the idea and the big push to make it a reality is about to begin.

Last year we tried (and failed) to secure the funding we thought it would take to get a UK Preparedness Magazine up and running. However, we did learn a lot from that failed campaign and we are going into this one much better equipped for the journey ahead.

The Real Survivalists
A UK Preparedness Magazine is long overdue but The Real Survivalists will continue to work hard to make one happen.

Here’s what you need to know

On Sunday 30th September at around midday, The Real Survivalists will launch our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. We will aim to raise £3000 in 30 days to get our UK Preparedness Magazine launched and into your inbox and/or hands.

Anyone can donate to the campaign once it goes live and we have tried our best to make sure the rewards offered for each donation are something of value to you. Rewards are offered for any donation between £5 and £50 so we hope there will be something appealing and affordable to all who are interested in the magazine.

We will also be working with our contacts in the survival and preparedness world to find sponsors for the magazine. We have worked with some fairly big names before so this could end up being a very cool journey for all of us to go on resulting in, not only a UK Preparedness Magazine, but also some great content, prizes, gifts and rewards for all of you.

What now?

For now, you just need to wait. The campaign launches on Sunday 30th September. You will then be able to donate, claim your rewards and watch the progress to see if we reach our fund raising goal.

Over the next few weeks we will release more information about the magazine, the people involved and more. Our main aim in all of this is to make sure we are able to give all of our readers exactly what they want. This is all about UK Preppers and we want you all to be happy with the finished product.

How to stay up to date

There are a few ways to make sure you stay up to date with the progress of our UK Preparedness Magazine:

1 – Sign up to The Real Survivalists (its free and takes 2 minutes). We will be sending regular updates direct to your inbox.

2 – Follow The Real Survivalists on Social Media (Facebook Twitter Instagram)

3 – Keep checking the website for all of the latest up to date information on what we are doing

This magazine will be a big thing for UK Preppers. It will be written by UK Preppers for UK Preppers and will be easily available to all who want it.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this idea so far. We are looking forward to getting the magazine to you as soon as we can.

Stay tuned for more updates soon….

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