10 Tips for Surviving In The WIld

10 Tips for Surviving In The Wild

Every survival situation is different. Location, equipment available, time of year etc all play a part in the challenge of surviving in the wild. However, there are some things you can do that will increase your chances of surviving wherever you are.

Here are The Real Survivalists 10 Tips For Surviving In The Wild:

Tip 1 – Stay Calm

No matter what situation you are in or what is going on around you, panicking increases your chances of not getting out alive! Panic makes you react in a very negative way. You do not think things through correctly or logically, you act rashly and can make some life threatening decisions. Whatever situation you are in, just take a few seconds to stop, breathe and focus. You can then decide your best course of action with a clear, calm mind.

Tip 2 – Know How To Find/Build A Shelter

In any wilderness survival situation, finding or building a shelter needs to be made a top priority. You are not just sheltering yourself from cold or wet weather but also from insects and animals. Some of which could be dangerous. Knowing what to look for or how to construct a shelter will be key to your survival.

Tip 3 – Save Your Energy

There are certain tasks that have to be completed in survival situations. However, if there is a way to complete them that saves energy, then take advantage of that. If you can find a ready made shelter like a cave, old building etc, then do not waste energy building your own from scratch. When you get chance to rest and gather yourself and your thoughts – take it. You might not be able to replenish your energy stores fully so save energy where you can.

Tip 4 – Maintain a Positive Attitude

There is nothing stronger than your will to live. No survival kit or tool will replace a positive attitude. The situation you are in may be bad, it could even be life threatening. By maintaining a positive attitude you are able to get more tasks completed, your morale stays higher and your chances of survival are improved. Do not make your survival situation worse by giving up!

Tip 5 – Know How To Find Water and Make It Safe To Drink

Water is the key to life. Without it, you will not last more than 3 days (if that!) Fairly early on in any survival situation you will need to locate a fresh water source. Once you have found one, you will also need to know methods of making it safe to drink. Remember: dirty water is just as bad as no water!

Tip 6 – Know Multiple Ways Of Lighting A Fire

Like water, fire is a key component to life in the wild. Knowing multiple ways of lighting one will be a big help. Sometimes under pressure your normal way of fire lighting doesn’t work. If you know multiple ways you increase your chances of having fire. This will make a huge difference to any survival situation.

Tip 7 – Make A Plan (and stick to it!)

Once you have realised you are in a survival situation. You need to make a plan. It may not be set in stone but you need to at least have an idea of what you are going to do. Wandering around in the wilderness hoping to stumble across someone or something to help you is not a good plan. Take your time and think logically about your next steps. What tools do you have to hand? How much water can you carry? Which direction do you need to travel in? These things need to be considered. Make a plan and stick to it. Only change it if your environment dictates the need.

Tip 8 – Do Not Take Unnecessary Risks

To make it out alive, in some situations you need to take calculated risks. However, unnecessary risks should be avoided at all costs. You are already in a bad situation so why make it worse by risking it all on an unfavorable chance?! Weigh up the risk to reward ratio and make an informed decision from there.

Tip 9 – Be Smart And Improvise

You may have a certain tool in mind which will help you out of your survival situation. However, do not waste your time trying to find the perfect stick etc. Use what you have and improvise accordingly. Having an imperfect but working tool is better than having no tool at all – learn to improvise.

Tip 10 – Take Easy Wins

There is no need to try and be a hero. If you can get by on berries growing on a nearby bush then eat them and survive. Don’t try and create a story of how you hunted wild game and spent hours stalking them before going in for the kill. Things like this waste time, energy and resources. All of which need to be conserved for survival. The ultimate hero is the one that survives any way they can.

This is obviously not a list of every skill required to survive in the wild. It is simply a list of tips The Real Survivalists will help you make it out alive.

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