5 Survival Skills Everyone Should Know

5 Survival Skills Everyone Should Know

This is not a how-to article, nor is it a comprehensive list of important survival skills. I like to think of this as a starting point for research of what is needed to be a survival master. In the modern world, we live in it is so easy to take our comfort for granted. Hopefully, you will never have to put these survival skills to use in a real-life situation. However, it is better to learn them now just in case you ever do.


It is 2018 and most of us have easy access to a heat source that keeps our living space nice and comfortable for us. We do not need to worry too much about protecting ourselves while we sleep as our home does this for us (mostly). However, when camping, or heaven forbid, you find yourself in an emergency situation with no clear way of keeping warm and keeping the bugs and predators away, lighting a fire will be one of the most valuable survival skills. I’m not talking about using a lighter or a match. I’m talking old-school fire lighting. One way of doing this is with a flint and striker. Other methods include using a bow drill or a hand drill. Make sure you know a number of methods just in case your first attempt fails.

5 Survival Skills Everyone Should Know


If you ever get lost in the wild or even if you just want to have a good time with some improvised camping techniques, knowing how to build a survival shelter is an important survival skill to know. The survival rule of threes states that we can only survive three hours exposed in inclement weather conditions. Getting a shelter erected in the quickest time possible is key to survival. Some starting points for research are debris huts, lean to’s and natural shelters such as trees, caves etc.

5 Survival Skills Everyone Should Know


Water is key to life. All life as we know it uses water in some way so knowing ways of not only finding it but also making it safe to drink can keep you alive should the need ever arise. Depending on your situation there should be a number of options available to you when it comes to locating water. Rivers and streams are always great options in the wild. In an urban environment abandoned offices, schools and swimming pools also present opportunities to find a much-needed drink. Water should be a priority in any survival situation so make sure you know how to find it!

5 Survival Skills Everyone Should Know


With the readily available resources both online and in the physical world, everyone is able to learn some basic first aid skills. CPR is paramount to saving someone’s life and everybody should know how to perform this correctly. Also knowing how to improvise first aid supplies can help make a bad situation that little bit better. At the very least you should be able to tie a sling, apply a bandage to stem bleeding and know how to treat shock.

5 Survival Skills Everyone Should Know


Knot tying is a survival skill that can be used in everyday life as well. Knowing how to secure things with knots will make your life easier. If you do ever need them in a survival situation – you will be glad you spent a bit of time learning them in the first place. Square knots, clove hitches and many more will all help in some way.

5 Survival Skills Everyone Should Know

How many of the 5 survival skills can you do competently?

The time is now to start learning and refining your surviving skills. Start with this list and then learn, practice and develop these skills and more until you know you can survive whatever Mother Nature has to throw at you.

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