An Interview with Jonathan from Emergency Food Storage

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An Interview with Jonathan from Emergency Food Storage

Emergency Food Storage is a UK-based emergency supplies company. They offer a wide selection of emergency food supplies and lots of other useful equipment for Preppers. Jonathan, who is the Sales and Marketing Manager there, kindly offered some of his time to answer some questions for The Real Survivalists. If you have never shopped with Emergency Food Storage before – then now is a great time to learn a bit more about them.

Tell us about Emergency Food Storage

Emergency Food Storage was founded in 2009 with the single goal of making emergency preparedness as simple as possible. We were stunned at the complexity of taking sensible precautions and creating an Emergency Food supply in case of emergency. To that end, we focus on bringing our customers the very best products and technologies for their food and water storage needs and delivering them in the easiest, most cost-effective, and user-friendly way. We also tend to smile a lot.

What products would you recommend most to Preppers?

We can never be too prepared for what the future lies ahead of us. We recommend have a minimum of a 3 Months Emergency Food Supply and at least some water filtration to hedge against disasters that hopefully don’t happen but would have catastrophic consequences if they did.

What do you think is the biggest threat to life as we know it at the moment? What should we be preparing for?

Global Economic collapse. While environmental disasters tend to get the front pages, and it’s clear why they do, the more serious threat to our current way of life is the incredible amount of debt in the economy. At almost $230 Trillion dollars, the global economy is tinkering on the edge of collapse. With the dollar being one of the worse offenders, and the world reserve currency, how long can trust in it and the US government hold out. Once trust collapses the entire world economy will start to unravel quicker than it did in the 2007 recession and with roughly tenfold the consequences.

Why should people have emergency supplies of food, equipment etc?

Like insurance, it’s a hedge against catastrophic collapse. You hope the worse doesn’t happen, but if it does you want to make sure you have something in place to ensure it doesn’t wipe you out. This is how wise financial management is done, and the same principles apply to life.

What advice would you give someone who wants to be prepared for whatever may come?

Decide what’s most important to you. Not everyone can afford many year’s worth of food and water supplies, but then it’s likely you might not need to be that prepared. Purchase the best insurance you can afford, just like you would house insurance or travel insurance. It’s a good idea to have at least a few weeks of food supply stored up and some water filtration.

What would you say is the most important part of a 72 hour survival kit?

Making sure you purchase a good core product and have taken the time to add the necessary papers, food, water filtration, money to it. Have it in a place you know you can grab it quickly and make sure you maintain it at least once a year.

What length of time should a Prepper have supplies for?

As above, it depends on your personal opinion of the future. We would always recommend at least three months, but even one box of freeze-dried food can be a good start. It’s better than nothing and starts to build the habit of being prepared for those situations we all hope don’t happen.

What is next for Emergency Food Storage?

We’re currently expanding more into Europe and focusing more of our time and resources on the key countries there. Currently, we account for roughly 80% of the Emergency Food sold in the UK, a testament to almost 10 years of trying to do things to the very best of our ability.

Which one of your products is most useful for someone just starting their supply?

The 3 Month Fuel Your Preparation Emergency Food Supply. It offers the best value and is a great starter kit for just about anyone. However, if that’s a little beyond your current budget then the Fuel Your Preparation One Month Emergency Food Packs are a good alternative.

What is your favorite survival/preparedness quote/motto?

“Despair is most often the offspring of ill-preparedness.”

An Interview with Jonathan from Emergency Food Storage
What is your favorite survival preparedness quote motto

The Real Survivalists would like to thank Jonathan for taking the time to answer these questions. If you would like more information about Emergency Food Storage please visit their website

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