An Interview with Roving Blue

An Interview with Roving Blue

Roving Blue is a water filtration master class. The Real Survivalists has been lucky enough for the CEO of Roving Blue, Marianna, to answer some questions. We all know the importance of having a fresh supply of water and Roving Blue certainly delivers this! If you have never heard of Roving Blue before – you are about to learn about some amazing prepper kit.

Tell us about Roving Blue

​Roving Blue is a small company​ ​located in Wisconsin, USA. The team is ​​dedicated to promoting a new way to purify water, using a relatively old way to purify water.

Roving Blue’s products use ozone, which is a highly powerful gas germicide. Ozone, in fact is more powerful than chlorine. Ozone is a form of ​oxygen; it is also known as “O3”, because it is an Oxygen molecule ​, or O2,​with an extra “O”. ​ ​Ozone has been around for a long time ​and has been used in water purification ​on a large scale (such as the city of Los Angeles), ​for ​many​ years, however ​,​it has not really come into bloom yet ​,​because of how it ​is typically ​produced.

Because you need oxygen to make ozone, scientists devised ways to harvest oxygen out of the air that we breathe. However, because they were working with air, they had to include air pumps, etc to move it through a system.​ You also had to dry the air out. Then, because they were still working with a gas, they had to devise ways of dissolving the gas into the water, requiring the use of bubblers and whatnot.

​Roving Blue has discovered and has worked to commercialize, a whole new way of making ozone, and this is by splitting the water molecules – after all, water is H2O, so our way of making ozone uses the “O” in the water.
A great benefit of this method is that very tiny bubbles of ozone are produced, and those microscopic bubbles dissolve very well into the water. So with our method, much more ozone stays in the water, rather than bubbling through to the surface. The units are very simple, and have no moving parts. Just submerge them and give them power, and they start producing that powerful ‘ozonated’ water, that can then go right to work killing bacteria, virus, microbes, all the things that might make you sick.

How are the products you create useful to Preppers? What situations can they be used to increase survival chances? ​

Wars, hurricanes, ​earthquakes, ​fires and ​flood​s ​, EMP events ​can all cause disruptions in power. ​Probably the most useful aspect of the O-Pen™ and the Ozo-Pods™ is that they can operate on a wide variety of ​power sources, so for example, if you lost electricity, you could always hook them up to re-charge or operate with a solar panel, or ​off of ​a car or motorcycle battery. We ​once ​attended a Prepper Show ​ ​in North Carolina, USA, where a gentleman demonstrated that they could ​even ​be run with a bicycle contraption that generated electricity.

​I imagine situations where you might be forced to forage for water, from a ditch or stream for example. That water could be full of dangerous microbes that can make you sick. If you put the water into a pail and then threw an ozo-pod into it, after 10 minutes, you can ​be ​assured ​that your family won’t get dysentery ​ or worse from a bug like giardia, cholera, or crypto​. We have a long list of organisms that are killed by ozone on our website.
​ ​

Which product are you most proud of and why?

​Thats a tough one. The O-Pen™ definitely has the cool factor and is so affordable. But I think the one I devote most effort to is our MVP unit. We are working on an improvement now that has Ultra-filtration, meaning not even a virus can get through it. I am hoping it will serve our soldiers and allies, and keep them safer, not only in wars but in peace-keeping and humanitarian missions that they undertake. ​​We also got more efficient in our control systems, so it is my hope to be able to sell that new unit commercially, at about the same price as before.

What’s next for Roving Blue?

​We are going on a trade mission to SE Asia this September, hoping to find dealers in the countries of S. Korea, Japan, and the Philippines. Our next Military event is something called the Joint Warfighter Assessments, this will be with our allies in Germany in April of 2018.​

The Real Survivalists is based in the UK – can UK Preppers buy your products?

​It is our hope that one of your readers will be interested enough to become a dealer of our pens and pods. We try to keep the barriers low (you only have to buy 10 of each to become a dealer) and to have a widespread “grassroots” network​, so that we can get these products into the hands of preppers who want them, from a nearby neighbor, or friends. In the meantime, we are more than happy to ship the products; we use DHL for international shipping, so I think the average cost might be near 30 pounds to deliver them.

What are your thoughts on preparedness? Do you think it is important?

​My children are all over 18 now, so our family focus has changed a bit. Personally, we are more defense-oriented than before, we are well armed and have lots of ammo. We have planted gardens for supplementary food, have chickens, and even a fish pond in my backyard.​ And, of course, we have O-pens and Ozo-pods so we can drink water from the pond. I think it is very important to be prepared; you never ever know when a disaster will strike. At least I know we have a plan that can last us longer than folks who don’t prepare at all.

Which one of your products would you recommend most to Preppers?

​The O-Pen for individuals on the move, the Pods for families.​

To find out more about Roving Blue, check out their website here

Thank you to Marianna for taking the time to share the story of Roving Blue. This is one company The Real Survivalists loves and is very keen to work with more. Hopefully, these products will be available through this site very soon so keep your eyes peeled.

Please get in touch if you would like any more information about Roving Blue products.

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