An Interview with Spencer Turner from Tegstove

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An Interview with Spencer Turner from Tegstove

The latest expert to sit down with The Real Survivalists is Spencer Turner from Tegstove. Tegstove is an innovative product that can be extremely useful to preppers. Spencer knows the product inside and out and he was kind enough to tell us all about the amazing Tegstove. Pay attention and get ready to want a new piece of kit for your preps!

Tell us about Tegstove

Tegstove a “three-in-one” device – incorporating a thermoelectric generator to create electrical energy, this electrical energy is used to power our cylinder stabilization system and charge the internal 3,000-mAh battery, the energy stored in the battery enables charging of portable devices like cell phones, GPS or other small electrical devices via a standard USB port, and Tegstove is a powerful gas stove to cook proper meals – not just boil water.

 How could this be useful for Preppers?

Preparation is what it all about, preparations is the key to survival and the ability to cook food and have a source of light is defiantly in the “top ten” of any prepper essentials list. Tegstove covers both these key requirements, it’s built to a high standard using quality components so it can be used every day and it’s small enough to go in your backpack should you need to relocate quickly. The charging system is powerful enough to provide around an hour of light when the stove is lit for half an hour, so even if the internal battery is empty you will still have light. Batteries lose energy over time so even the most organized prepper can get caught out with dead batteries, the knowledge that you can produce light on demand is reassuring and Tegstove is not effected by cloud cover or nightfall unlike solar panels.

Where did the idea for Tegstove come from?

As a family we travelled around Europe, packed up in our 1972 VW camper van with two adults and two fast-growing children we travelled to Belgium in the winter, France and Spain in the summer, for us we needed a camping stove that was small enough to pack away easily and didn’t cost a fortune to run (as we found with propane) so we bought a butane stove and as many of you may have discovered, it didn’t work very well, the cylinder froze and the gas pressure dropped so-much that the flame would go out! My hobby has always been what I term “Shed Engineering”, I would look at existing solutions to technical challenges and consider ways to overcome the problem in a more efficient way, so I began looking at how I could make butane actually work.For over ten years my profession had been in the gas industry and issues with liquid gasses freezing was a common problem, so I was well-positioned to take a professional and considered approach to how best to apply a solution in a portable format. Overcoming the issue with low gas pressure, required engineering and these solutions we supplied and installed, all the systems we use require a heat source of some description, designing these systems was relatively simple when you had boiler systems (that run on gas) or mains electricity to hand. However, incorporating these simple solutions was not so easy when the system needed to be small enough to get into your backpack or sit on a shelf where space was a premium. Tegstove has achieved just that.

How long could Tegstove be used for in the field?

Tegstove is built to a high standard, we have used an early prototype for hundreds of hours over the last three years and it’s still going strong!

What are the future plans for Tegstove? 

Tegstove is being trialed in less developed countries, our aim is to provide people with an alternative cooking solution, one third the population of the planet have no choice but to cook on open fires every day using wood & other biomass fuels, these fuels cause deadly respiratory problems and add to deforestation. Tegstove is a cost-effective way to provide a clean fuel source, reduce deforestation and bring light to homes.You may be thinking “butane isn’t a carbon-friendly solution?” and you would be right, however, the reality is that butane is a by-product of the oil industry, and currently, we are producing butane at a faster rate than we use it, so we have a worldwide surplus of butane and this surplus is only going to get larger also butane burns very cleanly around 50% lower emissions than wood and biomass fuels – so why not use it?

Why is Tegstove so useful? 

The most notable benefit of Tegstove is that it runs on butane gas. As we have said butane is widely available and cost one-third that of propane and mixed gas cylinders. The issue with butane is that it freezes during use; this drop in temperature produces low gas pressure. Tegstove overcomes this issue using our pressure stabilization system that warms the cylinder; this creates a strong supply of gas and savings made when using butane make Tegstove a great investment, and innovation comes from how we use 200-year-old thermoelectric generator technology to make it all work, and provides a power source to create light when you need it most. Tegstove – Cook – Charge – Illuminate

What makes Tegstove unique?

We have made a cost-effective and common fuel source work better than ever before in a portable device, no other gas stove provides cooking performance from butane like we can and provide the light you need to see what your cooking – Tegstove truly is, stove and electrical energy production in one compact device.The Real Survivalists would like to thank Spencer for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer these questions about Tegstove. This product is awesome and truly a prepper’s dream. To see demo videos visit the Tegstove Facebook page. For even more information check out their website

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