An Interview with Terry Miles

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An Interview with Terry Miles

Terry Miles founded the Omega Reaction Corps (ORC). He noticed that there is a ‘need for self-reliance in a world slowly walking off a cliff and the group was born. The ORC has members from all works of life, from housewives to former military folk. They have all come together with the goal of building better humans. Terry knows his stuff and the huge quantity of information shared in this interview is staggering. He is leading the ORC to the ultimate level of preparedness. You can be a part of this too. Take note – preparedness information overload is on its way!..

What made you get involved in preparedness?

Well my personal decision to get involved in preparedness came following the London riots and associated civil disorder, I live in London and as amazing as this city is, it is also dangerous and when things go wrong there simply aren’t enough emergency service personnel to go around. This led me to think what if those riots would have persisted? What if those riots combined with say an epidemic or food/energy shortage? What if due to the financial system the emergency services weren’t getting paid? Then what? 
That of course got me thinking, about myself, my loved ones, and those out there who would seek to do myself or my people harm. How would I be prepared to look after myself and my people in the event of a hypothetical situation like a civil collapse? So I took what I already knew and started to read and practice things that I could use in an emergency. Then all that hard work paid off when I started my own survival-based clan known as ORC (Omega Reaction Corps).

Tell us about ORC

Thanks for asking about the ORC, the ORC was born from my own survivalist skills and through various conversations, I had with like-minded people online. There is often a romanticism when dealing with preppers and others in this circle, some seem to think that a collapse will just be the lights going off and then some sort of hunter-gatherer existence will just set in. It wont, for the first few weeks people without anything prepared or any sensible training will be feral, they will take what you have including equipment, women and children…in a barter-based world everything can be traded, if we look to times this has already happened from antiquity to the fall of Iraq and Afghanistan we can see the same patterns emerging again and again. This is why our emphasis isn’t the usual Ray Mears picnic basket and tarpaulin approach to prepping, it’s as we call it offensive survivalism, the need to move tactically with an aim to defend your property and people by any means necessary. Most of our members have either a Military background or a background in Survivalist tactics such as Martial Arts, which isn’t essential as we do cater for all people interested and work with those who want to learn. 

What advice would you give someone who wants to start prepping?

My advice for someone who wants to start to build up their survival skills is to join a group (ORC is always open to new members.) and get out there. So many folk involved with this “lifestyle” that I come into contact with haven’t got a clue when taken off of the internet. You have to get out and find what’s right for you, the Bear Grylls stuff is great on TV and for him but in reality it’s not going to work for everyone. 

What do you see in the near future that could ultimately lead to a big change in the world and how we live our lives? What should we all be preparing for?

What I am personally preparing for is a virus or bacteria to emerge that will once again do what is necessary for the planet, this is always at great cost to mankind though. There are illnesses around at the moment that have only to evolve slightly or to combine with another illness to really put us all in danger, we are in a world where people travel every day around the entire planet and back again, spreading all sorts of viruses and bacteria. This will obviously trigger a financial crisis and possible major civil unrest, so the combination of sick and dying, poor and hungry and violent and feral have to taken into consideration. 

What led to you setting up ORC? What are your aims for the group?

The group was set up as a civilian reaction corps to aid folk where we can in our immediate areas and to move with haste to ensure our survival. We wont be taking passengers when it’s too late, this isn’t the walking dead! We hope to achieve a simple group that are all prepared for a short notice deployment to their local hot spots to gather intelligence for the rest of the group so we can then either come up with a local plan or fall back to our National position to regroup and prepare for the worst. 

In your opinion, what is the most important piece of knowledge, skill or kit that every Prepper should have? Why?

In my opinion, the most valuable piece of knowledge for any prepper to have is the ability to make fire, without fire you do not make it. Your most important piece of kit is a decent knife, or set of knives. It is good to have your drop edge camp craft knife but you’re not taking out possible raiders with that alone so think wisely. 

You live in an urban environment – what advice would you give to city Preppers that rural Preppers might not do?

This question is the one I’ve been looking forward to the most. What do you do in an urban environment when the SHTF…well you have to know the layout of the land even more so here as a compass point may lead you down a dark dead-end, a sat-nav might take you straight into a roadblock so street knowledge is a must, also now while its relatively calm learn who the major players are in your area, Who’s the biggest gang? Who are their top boys? What are their immediate needs and wants? Do you need the grey man tactic or will a more aggressive posture work? 
Once you’ve assessed your local area it’s time to have your egress points mapped out and secure, I have mine not only programmed into a Garmin but also a good old-fashioned laminated map. As well as the obvious mental notes as one could easily lose a bag or get your kit damaged, so a good memory is also a great tool to have.
Being in London we have upward of 8 million inhabitants, take into consideration the effects a few million dead and dying would have on your environment, would you have the necessary equipment to move through the infected? Would you know what to do if contaminated? Do you have the skills to fight off a few attackers and not get too badly damaged? And if you are damaged can you patch yourself up? How do you find food and clean water with all those dead and dying about? 

What is your favourite preparedness/survival quote or motto?

My favorite famous quote is – Improvise, Adapt, Overcome. My personal quote is the ORC slogan of – Building Better Humans. Because that is what we do. 

Wow! The Real Survivalists loves sharing knowledge with others and Terry just dropped a prepper information bomb! If you have any questions for Terry please contact The Real Survivalists and we can get him back to answer some more and share more of his experience and knowledge with us.

If you would like more information about the Omega Reaction Corps, check them out on Facebook

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