Bees and Preparedness

Bees and Preparedness

Preparedness is all about having plans, supplies and knowledge to ensure your survival in emergency situations. However, long term preparedness plans usually involve some kind of self sufficiency. This includes creating a safe place to not only survive, but to ultimately thrive and live as comfortably as possible. One tiny little creature that allows us to thrive in our current state is the Bee. Bees help create, directly and indirectly, some of the comforts of our current life. From flowers that please our eyes and can help reduce stress to the food we constantly need. Bees are vital to our existence.

Bees can play an important part in survival after a long term shtf event

Most long term preparedness plans likely involve growing your own crops and keeping chickens, pigs etc as a source of food. However, it may be worth looking into providing a safe environment for bees to flourish too. Bees really can help create a more comfortable survival environment and add some normality back into a forever changed world.

Why include Bees in your preparedness plans…

Bees pollinate over 80% of all flowering plants on Earth. They play a huge role in keeping plants alive and spreading their seeds far and wide. Imagine if you could re create a calm and beautiful garden once the dust has settled after a shtf event. The emotional release and recovery this could provide should not be ignored. Bees can help re build!

70 of the top 100 food crops on Earth are pollinated by Bees. This is such an important statistic and could potentially be game changing for your survival. Trying to grow your own food is tough, so if Bees can help in any way – it is worth giving them an environment they love.

Bees encourage other wildlife and potential food sources. They do this in a couple of ways. The first is through their pollination of flowers. Some of the flowers Bees pollinate will appeal to other insects and birds. While these can then be an additional food source for survivors, they will also encourage other, even larger, predators to your camp. Secondly, the Bees themselves, act as food for predators to come and find an easy meal too. Each step up the food chain gives survivors more calories to thrive after a shtf event.

Bees bring life

It is rumoured that Einstein once said “If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live” While this may not be completely true, life as we know it would certainly change if Bees were to die out.

As preppers we want to maintain our quality of life and make sure we can provide food, water and shelter for our families. Bees play such an important part in our survival as humans. Look after the bees now and our life will be more comfortable both before and after a shtf event.

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