Bug Out Vehicles

Bug Out Vehicles

If you are bugging out, you may be planning on using a vehicle as your chosen method of transportation. As there are so many different types of vehicles, it can be challenging to find the ultimate bug out vehicle.

bug out vehicle
A good bug out vehicle can keep you alive on your travels

What Makes A Great Bug Out Vehicle?

The most effective bug out vehicle should be the perfect combination of fast, spacious, able to travel on pretty much any surface and able to go for a long time before needing refueling and servicing. They also need to provide protection from the elements, but also from other survivors, animals and any other potential threats. Finding one vehicle that meets all of these requirements is near impossible, but customising an almost perfect bug out vehicle may get you close to meeting all of the above.

Option 1 – A Recreational Vehicle (RV)

An RV is a great bug out vehicle if you have lots of gear and a long way to travel. It is also a great choice if you have no determined destination in mind and you plan to live on the road until you find a place of safety.

These offer home comforts such as kitchens, beds, chairs, tables, etc. These will at least make your bugging out experience more comfortable. The downside to using an RV as a bug out vehicle is that they are not going to be that fast. If you do end up having to make a hasty retreat, their size means the handling and maneuvering will be a big challenge for the driver.

In terms of security, the roof could be used as a lookout point due to the height of the vehicle. You have the added bonus of being able to move around inside the back of the vehicle without being seen from the outside. This gives you an advantage in the event of an attack.

If you are in a fairly large group (5 or more), an RV would be a good choice as you have plenty of space. The lack of speed and maneuverability is countered by the security benefits of the vehicle and the group.

The biggest advantage of RV’s is that you have a permanent place to live wherever you go. The flip side to this is the fairly high fuel consumption so you will need to find plenty of  fuel to keep moving.

Option 2 – An Off Road Vehicle (Jeep, Land Rover, etc)

This type of vehicle can drive pretty much anywhere. This makes them a fantastic choice for a bug out vehicle. You will have several additional route options if roads are blocked. These can also be quick and pretty easy to maneuver.

They lack the space of an RV, so these are not ideal if you are in big group. However for individuals or groups of less than 5, you can squeeze in enough gear to get by for a couple of days while you travel towards your bug out location.

If you are looking to customise your vehicle, you could get your BOV “lifted”. For those who don’t know, this means raising the main body of the vehicle to allow for bigger tyres and suspension to be added. This then gives you higher ground clearance so you are able to go over even more obstacles and tackle more challenging terrain.

Option 3 – A Motorcycle

This is going to be the fastest option and the most versatile bug out vehicle. You could easily make your way through road blocks, debris filled tracks etc with relative ease on a motorcycle.

However the lack of storage space for gear and supplies and lack of cover for protection are big concerns. If you able to fit your bike with some kind of trailer then you may be able to get a few days’ worth of supplies on the road with you.  However this will compromise the speed and versatility of the bike.

Fuel consumption is good so you will be able to travel long distances before needing to refuel. However, if your bug out location is more than a day’s ride away – you will need to find a way to carry those extra supplies.

One thing I would like to say about motorcycles is that they can be used as a secondary BOV. If you have a Jeep with a 200 mile range and attach a trailer with a motorcycle on the back with a 300 mile range, then once the jeep has reached its limit, you jump on the bike and you’re able to continue your journey. This set up gives you 500 miles of travel which is hopefully enough to get you to safety.

Option 4 – Customising your Current Vehicle

For another option you could simply customise your current vehicle. A simple customisation is changing to “run flat” tyres. These have reinforced sidewalls. These tyres use tough rubber inserts to keep them drivable even with a puncture. You need your bug out vehicle to keep going for as long as possible so these tyres will help.

Adding a roof rack for additional storage is also a simple change. If you plan on bugging out alone, removing the back seats from your car could give you some sleeping space on your travels. Improvements to suspension, brakes and lighting are also worth thinking about.

Other considerations

Other options for a potential bug out vehicle include:


Easy to get through tough spots, but take a lot of energy and effort to travel long distances. No protection or storage space are other disadvantages. However these would provide almost silent travel so you can remain undetected. No fuel is needed, other than food and water for you.

Quad bikes and similar

If traveling alone, over a relatively small distance and with a prepared bug out location (meaning not much gear needs to be carried with you) then these are quick, stable and easy to drive. No good for group travel but worth considering if you plan a rough terrain route to safety.

A boat

A boat can provide security like no other bug out vehicle can.  Surrounding yourself with water allows a 360 degree view of potential threats approaching. You are unlikely to be discovered by other survivors accidentally stumbling upon your camp.

You would potentially be able to travel to most places around the world providing you have enough fuel. If you have appropriate filtration methods, you may be able to filter sea water. This could give you an unlimited supply of water for you and your group.

One of the biggest concerns is how supply runs would work. Being on a boat could leave you completely isolated a long way from potential supplies like fire wood, etc.

your choice

Your final choice of bug out vehicle will come down to your own personal circumstances and your bug out plan. There is no “one size fits all” so it will ultimately be up to you which type of vehicle you prefer. As long as it provides you with everything you require from a vehicle in order to survive then it is the perfect BOV for you.






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