Car First Aid Kit

Car First Aid Kit

It is always wise to have a first aid kit with you on your travels. A lot of people will spend a good deal of time in their cars so it makes sense to keep some first aid supplies in your car should you ever need them. The Real Survivalists has put together a list of 10 items you might want to include in your car first aid kit.

Item 1 – Israeli Dressing Bandage

This is a multi-use wound dressing that covers a wound but also applies direct pressure to help stem any blood flow. It can be put on with one hand so you can apply it to yourself as well as a casualty you are helping. It has a fastening system that means knot tying is not needed.


Applying pressure to a bleed and to cover an open wound.

Can be used as a tourniquet to apply indirect pressure to an injury.

Securing a splint to a broken bone

Item 2 – Trauma Shears

Sometimes you need to remove a victim’s clothing in a hurry. Regular scissors can cut into skin as you try and cut things off in a rush. These scissors have rounded blades preventing this from happening.


Removing clothing from the injured area

Can remove a cast if required.

Item 3 – Non-sterile Triangular Bandage

Triangular bandages are another multi-purpose bandage. They are easily stored as they fold up small and can be washed and re-used if necessary.


Slings for injured arms (elevated sling to reduce bleeding of the lower armor to reduce swelling of the same area, support sling for a broken arm, wrist, or hand)

Head bandage – tied into a bandanna, pressure can be applied to a cut on the top of the head

Can be used as a tourniquet or tied to keep a wound dressing in place.

Item 4 – box of plasters

Plasters are a must-have for any first aid kit. A variety of sizes are in each box so you will have the right size and shape plaster for whatever cut you need it for.


To form a protective barrier between an open cut and bacteria to help prevent infection

Can be used to stick bandages or dressings in place

Item 5 – Sterile Gauze Dressing

These are absorbent dressings that also have a moisture barrier meaning wounds are protected well. They prevent blood pooling by wicking blood laterally across the pad.


Covers wounds to help control bleeding and prevent infection

Item 6 – Alcohol Antiseptic Wipes

Commonly contains Chlorhexidine Digluconate and Alcohol to provide a wipe with disinfection properties.


Disinfect minor cuts and grazes

Disinfect the skin prior to an injection

Can be used to disinfect hands prior to giving treatment

Item 7 – Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets

Contains and reflects 90% of body heat to help keep a casualty warm after an accident. Folded into a small square shape they are easy to store and are very lightweight.


To wrap around yourself or others to help keep you warm if you are stranded in your car

Help treat shock

Could be used as an emergency shelter if the situation occurs

Item 8 – Non Latex Gloves

These gloves do not contain any allergy-causing rubber proteins meaning anyone can use them.


The barrier between wounds, bodily fluids, and you

Helps prevent infection

Item 9 – Gorilla Tape/Duct tape

This has so many different uses. It is one very useful survival tool!


Can be placed over a gauze as a DIY plaster

Securing a splint for a broken bone

Stopping blisters from rubbing

Temporary closing of a deep wound

Item 10 – CPR Mask

You can buy versions that can be attached to your car keys or full-size versions for your car first aid kit. They are hugely important in first aid hygiene.


Prevents direct mouth to mouth contact during CPR

One way valve prevents bodily fluids from getting in contact with you

This is not a comprehensive list but it can be used as a starting point in creating a well-stocked car first aid kit. Adaptions should be made to fit your own personal circumstances and any other medical conditions you may need supplies for.

A car first aid kit can save a life as long as it is appropriately stocked.

Remember to check and stock up regularly.

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