Condor 3-Day Assault Pack: Reviews, Unique Features, Types, Benefits And Criteria Of Use

Condor 3 day assault pack review is very important for any person who practises any outdoor survival skills, any camper an outdoorsman. For these sections of people, a good bag is the most vital component. It is very essential to choose proper big, spacious bags for survival and camping missions.

From the condor 3 day assault pack review it is clear that the camping bags do not only appear in great design but also fulfil the desired functionality. Condor 3-day assault packs are reliable, durable and comfortable to carry with enough space and holding capacity.

Concept of 3-Day Assault Pack- Condor 3-day assault packs are the most crucial packs because of their great utility features and catchy design. There is a large number of people who uses the pack including outdoor enthusiasts, camper as well as everyday users.

3-day assault pack continuously showed its importance and existence in any sort of environment, it also accepts all challenges easily.

The huge cargo space paves the way for the storage of various items of necessity at the time of the expedition. 3-day assault pack also put emphasis on users’ comfort and there is a provision for –

  • Removable padded waist belt,
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps.
  •  Padded back panel that will provide natural ventilation.

Ideal Size of 3-Day Assault Pack- The 3-day assault pack is very much accepted at the time of carrying more quantities of goods than usual.

In order to make the condor assault packs more strong and durable, there are additional four zippered compartments. To provide balance to the extra weight there is the introduction of the padded waist belt.

At the bottom, there is a pair of compression straps. It also possesses a carry handle, padded thick shoulder straps and also internal hydration sleeve with ports for a drinking tube.

To know how big is a 3-day assault pack it is very important to know the ideal measurement of the assault packs.

Main Compartment18” Tallx14” Widex8” Deep.
Middle Compartment12” Tallx11” Widex3.5” Deep.
Front Compartments2.6” Tallx9” Widex3.5” Deep.  
Front Pocket12” Tallx11” Wide.
Side Compartments10” Tallx3” Widex3” Deep
Approximate Total Capacity2847cu.In.

Features Of Condor 3-Day Assault Pack

Features of Condor 3-Day Assault Pack
Features of Condor 3-Day Assault Pack

condor 3 day assault pack review clearly portrays that the condor assault packs are a very popular and trusted name regarding any survival or camping backpacks. Condor creates its product keeping in mind the use, benefits and comfort of the people.

They are fully dedicated to producing their products. Now if a question arises regarding how good are condor backpacks, then it is necessary to focus on the features that will clarify the doubts.

The Storage Compartments.

  • In case of camping backpacks, the design plays a vital role. The backpack must accommodate all useful items. In this case condor 3-day pack achieved the first position. It contains seven compartments and therefore is eligible to carry anything.
  • The Main Compartment is the focal point in the backpack. There is a double zipper system to open the entire compartment. After opening the users can lay the bag flat to put things inside easily and smoothly. It possesses space of about 40L.
  • There are some pockets and straps to keep small, urgent things nearby. At the bottom of the main compartment there are four compression straps to secure the stuffs inside.
  • The front Compartment has six rows of MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load Carrying Equipment) webbing to allow all sorts of light weight things.
  • At the bottom of the front compartment there are extra 3L compartment with double zipper. It mainly carries those necessary items that individuals need frequently and for that they don’t have to open the main compartment.
  • There are two side pockets that can easily hold bottles of one litre. So in this pocket mainly water bottles, water purifier kits are stored. 

The Support System.

  • Condor assault packs not only provide space but also cares about comfort of the people.
  • The shoulder straps are about 3.5 inches wide with thick padding. There is an additional pad attached to prevent the stress of overload.
  • The bags also contain sternum strap along with the shoulder straps to distribute the weight and never allows the shoulder strap to shift.
  • The sternum strap is highly adjustable from all sides. This allows the user to adjust the pack as per their height.
  • There is the presence of padded area at the back to spread the load equally and allow proper ventilation between the back and the backpack.

The Durability

  • The material of the bag is very comfortable and soothing. It is made from 1000-Denier nylon. This product is both water and wear resistant.
  • The bag is very durable, sturdy and light weight.
  • The high quality zippers have water guards and never allow water to enter the compartments.
  • The shoulder strips are also double stitched and very durable in nature.

The Versatility

  • Condor 3-day assault pack provides the backpack in various colours and for all purposes.
  • The MOLLE strapping provides additional space to the bag.
  • The backpacks can be used as tactical backpack also for different activities.
  • There are multiple compression straps and it make the bags very stable.

Unique Criteria Of Condor Tactical Backpacks

Condor Tactical backpacks are very suitable for military deployment, law enforcement, long-distance hiking and high activity ventures.

Condor 3-day assault pack reviews properly guide the buyers regarding the utility and features of tactile backpacks.

  • Condor tactical backpacks are very durable, spacious and comfortable.
  • Tactical backpacks have water resistant coating that prevents water to enter the main compartment.
  • Tactical assault backpacks are double stitched with heavy duty zippers and utility style cord pull.
  • It is made up of materials like Cordura, Ballistic nylon, Ripstop and Polyester.

Benefits Of Condor Backpacks

Condor 3 day assault pack review clearly portray the bright side of the condor backpacks. So before buying people should get a vivid idea regarding the benefit of condor backpack.

  • Recognisable Designs- The backpack is designed fabulously keeping in mind its need and comfort of the users. It is one of the most used backpack in the present scenario.
  • Multiple Numbers of Compartments- The Condor backpack has total seven compartments. The different sections are meant for keeping different things according to its size and importance, which is very necessary for 3- day mission.
  • Provision of Great Support- Shoulder straps is provided to distribute the weight equally. The compression belts, sternum straps make the backpacks comfortable to carry easily.
  • Durable Materials- The backpacks are made up of high quality nylon. Therefore the bag is very sturdy and durable.
  • Several MOLLE Straps- There are large numbers of MOLLE straps throughout the bag which makes it easy to personalize and customize as per requirements.
  • Availability in Multi Colours- There is about five different colours of the bag. People choose any colour according to their need.
  •  Very Affordable- The bags are available at different price ranges and it is within the budget of the people.

Compartments Of 3-Day Assault Packs

Compartments of 3-Day Assault Packs
Compartments of 3-Day Assault Packs

If doubts arise regarding how big is a 3-day assault pack, then it is important to consider the different compartments of the pack along with its size and purpose. Condor assault packs have a total of seven compartments.

  • Main compartment with several straps and two extra pockets (22”x13”x8”).
  • Second compartment possesses three map/ document pockets, penholders and two radio pockets.
  • There are two large pockets at the back, bottom (12.5”x6”x3”) with three elastic closure pocket and one zipper pocket.
  • Two side pockets on either side (9”x5”x2.5”).
  • One entire compartment for hydration systems.
  • Another compartment of 22”HX17”WX11”D.
  • 3038 cubic inches.

Purposes Of Condor 3-Day Assault Pack

People wandering about what should be in a 3-day assault pack should know about 3-day assault pack contents. Light assault pack includes-

  • Extra ammunition.
  • Batteries
  • Extra water.
  • Tools, cordage.
  • Emergency shelter equipments and cleaning kit.
  • Communication gear.

Different Types Of Assault Packs

There are different types of assault packs and to know what is the best assault pack, one must determine on the basis of the purpose and available space.

Mystery Ranch Assault PackCapacity 27L
REEBOW Gear Backpack40L
Monoki Military Assault Pack42L
24Battle PackUp to 40L

Condor Medium Assault Pack Versus Compact Assault Pack

The features of both Condor Medium and Compact assault packs are to be considered before purchasing.

A medium assault pack is suitable for the weekend trip purpose.Compact assault pack is suitable for military, tactical and law enforcement.
It possesses compression straps to lock and secure contents.It possesses compression straps aided with sternum straps.
The medium assault pack has padded mesh back pockets.  The compact assault pack has interior mesh pockets along with padded shoulder straps.
The overall size is about 19” Hx12” Wx9” D.Overall size is about 18” Hx10” Wx10” D
Its volume is 30 Litres.Its Volume is about 22 litres.

Comparison Between Condor 3-Day Assault Pack And 5.11 Rush 72

Choosing a backpack depends on what purpose it will serve. It is dependent on the storage capacity, budget and comfort. So, it is better to study the features of various backpacks before buying them. 

StructureCondor 3-day assault pack has an optimum dimension of 22”x17”x11” and are designed for outdoor enthusiasts, everyday users.5.11 Rush 72 is the largest backpack designed for campers, firefighters, survivalists.
StorageCondor assault backpack has a maximum of seven compartments for storing essential things. It has a capacity of 50L.The main compartment itself has a capacity of 47L. There are also large numbers of secondary compartments. It has a maximum capacity of 55L.
UsabilityCondor can be used as a backpack as well as it can be carried in hand after attaching drag handles.It has detachable compartments and hence can be used as small backpacks as per requirements.
SupportCondor backpacks have wide, padded straps of 4inches to protect the shoulders.The shoulder straps have closed-cell foam with double density. The sternum straps maintain the balance of both body and bag.
DurabilityThe bag is made up of 1000Denier Nylon and it is also water-resistant. There is the provision for grommets for drainage.It is made up of 1050D nylon and has a water-repellent coating. It also bears strong YKK Zippers.

Condor 3-Day Assault pack at present is one of the best backpacks for campers. The products are made from high-grade materials and are easily affordable.

The spaces are enough to carry desired items at the time of tour or expedition. Condor provides organized, sturdy, durable and comfortable backpacks.

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