Everyday Carry Kit (EDC)

Every Day Carry Kit (EDC)

An EDC (Every Day Carry) kit is the survival kit you carry with you on a day to day basis. Whether you have a backpack, laptop bag or any other small bag you have with you every day. Having the right kit inside can be very helpful in an emergency situation. An EDC can be a challenge to get right. You want the right kit with you without adding too much weight or size to your bag.

Here are some suggested items to include in your EDC:

Pocket Knife

A knife is always valuable whatever situation you find yourself in. Whether you need to build a shelter, start a fire or defend yourself – a knife is a must have for any survival kit. Pocket knives are foldable knives with a blade usually between 2 – 6 inches in length. The small size makes them lightweight and perfect fit for an EDC kit. Please check current knife laws to make sure you are not carrying something illegal!


Paracord is strong, light and doesn’t rot. Like a pocket knife it can be used for more tasks than you can think of. That being said I wouldn’t recommend carrying enough paracord to make a complicated rope ladder but having enough to enable you to tie a splint to a broken bone or to erect a shelter would be appropriate. Around 30 feet could work.

Emergency Blanket

These things are lifesavers! If you get stranded in harsh conditions without an emergency blanket you are in big trouble. Besides from their obvious use they can also be used as a quick pitch shelter. Emergency blankets are light, thin and fold into a very small size square so it will fit nicely into an EDC kit.

Disposable Lighter

The ability to make fire is always crucial. A disposable lighter takes a lot of hard work out of this process. It can also be used to seal the ends of your paracord after it’s been cut.


An EDC is nowhere near big enough or diverse enough to maintain your survival for a long period of time. However it will keep you alive while you make your way to the kit that will. Food in your EDC could be an energy bar of some description. An energy bar will give you the boost you may need to complete the final stages of your journey to safety.

First aid supplies

It is very easy to get carried away with first aid supplies. Stocking up on all different shapes and sizes of bandages, splints, medicines etc is great but not suitable at all for an EDC.  Some examples of what you may want to include in your EDC are: plasters, small gauze, a CPR mouth barrier, superglue, tape and a pair of latex gloves. This is by no means a comprehensive first aid kit but remember your EDC is to make sure you get home to your full kit. You need to carry light!

Emergency poncho

These are essential to any EDC where there is even a remote chance of being caught outside in cold or wet conditions. An emergency poncho will be lightweight, folds small and provides great waterproofing to help keep you dry. Like the emergency blanket, this could be used for a shelter or as a water carrier if needed.


Cash may be needed for an unexpected bus or taxi ride. It can also be used for getting yourself out of an uncomfortable situation. Cash points may not be working or may not be nearby so having an emergency supply of cash will help you get to where you need to be.


A small LED torch can give a bright beam of light which can help during a night time emergency. These torches are durable and lightweight – exactly what you need for your EDC kit.

Emergency water

A bottle of water is likely to be as much water as you can carry in a small every day bag. However by carrying water purification tablets or a small water filter, you will be able to ensure you have enough water to get you to safety.

Aluminium foil

A small length of foil, folded into a small, compact square takes up virtually no space. This can become an improvised cup, a cooking surface, a signalling mirror or dozens of other uses.

This is a very basic kit and the contents should be adjusted to fit your personal needs and circumstances. This kit is designed to get you out of harm’s way wherever you may be so it must be as small and as light as it can be, while still providing you with the tools needed to survive.


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