Helikon Patriot Fleece Review

Helikon Patriot Fleece Review

The Real Survivalists have been lucky enough to be friends with  Military 1st  for a little while now. Not only have they answered some of our questions in their edition of ‘Interviews With Experts‘ but they have also recommended some top quality outdoor wear for us to try out and review. Rob recently wrote a review of the Pentagon Aris Tactical Pants they suggested we try. As Rob loved them so much, he asked our friends at Military 1st what gear they recommend for the top half of the body! They thought he might like the Helikon Patriot Fleece

Here’s what Rob thought:

First Impressions

Looks wise, the Helikon Patriot Fleece ticked all my boxes. It’s a tactical style fleece that doesn’t make you stand out in a crowd (I mean this in a positive way). The shadow grey colour I had goes nicely with most coloured trousers and boots. While that might not be the most important point in the world – I’m sure there are some fashion conscious Preppers out there! All the zips, elastic and material felt durable but not too heavy and it generally felt like it would keep me warm without hindering my movement. For an active guy like me – that’s always a good thing.

Helikon Patriot Fleece
Tactical looking and highly practical – the Helikon Patriot Fleece looked and felt like a great fleece

Comfort and Style of Helikon Patriot Fleece Review

One thing I get concerned about with clothing designed to keep you warm is that it weighs too much or feels awkward and heavy when wearing. The Helikon Patriot Fleece surprised me with how light it is. While it kept me warm and provided me with plenty of kit carrying options with the variety of pockets, it didn’t hold me back in anything I did. In fact, to me, it felt more like a lightweight jacket than a tactical fleece.

Helikon Patriot Fleece
Lightweight and comfortable

Wearing the Helikon Patriot Fleece out in the woods was my first test. I was able to move around freely and get a backpack on my back without feeling uncomfortable. This is a positive point for me as some of my jackets and fleeces are bulkier than the Patriot Fleece so wearing a backpack is a little more cumbersome. It also allowed me to get my backpack on and off quickly without catching on anything – another positive!

As previously mentioned, I had the shadow grey colourway of the Helikon Patriot Fleece. I really liked this colour. It matched the simplicity of the fleece, gave it a tactical style while still looking like a normal everyday fleece.

Practicality of Helikon Patriot Fleece

I found the Helikon Patriot Fleece very practical. I tend to have some tools and outdoor kit on me most of the time so having enough pockets is always a consideration when it comes to choosing my attire for the day. The sleeve pockets were the ones I probably used the most as they were just the right size for my phone, little knife and treats for The Real Survivalists dog!

Helikon Patriot Fleece
Lots of pockets!

All of the pockets were well located too. It might just be a personal thing for me but I like pockets at chest level for my hands rather than down by my waist. It helps me feel more able to use them quickly if I need to and it just felt more comfortable having them at chest height.

Helikon Patriot Fleece
The chest pockets were perfect for my hands and kept them warm
Helikon Patriot Fleece
Lower back pockets

In terms of warmth – it kept me warm enough to be able to do what I needed to do without making me overheat and have to lose some layers. I was out in temperatures ranging from 1 or 2 degrees up to around 8 degrees and it kept me at a comfortable working temperature throughout.

My final thoughts on the Helikon Patriot Fleece

Overall, I really like the Helikon Patriot Fleece. I like the look, the weight and the practicality it offers. I found it to be tough enough to withstand the woods, the warehouse and exploring with the dog (which can be more challenging than it sounds!) Although durable, it isn’t heavy and it allows comfortable movement and enough flexibility to get a backpack on and off with no issue. The Helikon Patriot Fleece has definitely found a place in my kit and I plan on wearing it a lot throughout the rest of the winter.

Official Specifications of the Helikon Patriot Fleece

  • Double Superfine Fleece 390g/m²
  • High collar with hood
  • 2 chest pockets
  • 3 sleeve pockets
  • 1 large pocket on the lower back
  • Velcro panels on each arm
  • Ventilated sleeves with underarm pit zipper
  • Velcro cuffs
  • Drawstring waistband with cord lock
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Manufacturer: Helikon
  • Manufacturer’s number: BL-PAT-HF-01


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  1. I’ve had my Patriot fleece since 2013 and it’s been a very robust piece of clothing and it’s still my go-to fleece for everyday wear. no problems or issues in this time, all zips still working so problems with stitching etc overall a cracking jacket! I went for the olive green option and many a friend has commented on the jacket looking good I might actually go for a grey this year after seeing pictures of it in use.

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