How the World Could End

How the World Could End

We are all prepping for a reason. We all have a feeling that something big, somewhere is going to happen that will change the world forever. There are so many different reasons why our world could be turned upside down either on a very personal level or the entire world itself. I have been thinking about entire world catastrophes lately. I’m talking about a mass extinction event that will alter human history forever. As a result of this, I have put together a list of potential events that could cause a mass extinction on Earth. How the end of the world could happen!



These are very rare but scientists have found evidence to support the theory that mega-tsunamis have happened in the past and are likely to happen again. Normal tsunamis are caused by underwater events such as earthquakes, undersea volcanic activity, and similar. A lot of these tsunamis have little to no effect on humans as most have lost size and power before they reach land. However, as we saw in the 2004 Thailand tsunami, sometimes they can cause massive destruction and loss of life. Mega tsunamis are much bigger than these.

They can have an initial wave height of up to a few thousand meters and travel as fast as a jetliner. If one were to happen it could cause huge destruction on the other side of the world from where it first formed. They can be caused by large rock falls, landslides, asteroid impacts in the ocean, etc. These events displace an unimaginable amount of water that can cause chaos on an equally unimaginable scale. They could certainly come close to causing the end of the world as we know it!

Super Volcanoes

These can cause a new ice age! If one were to erupt it would send ash, rock, dust, and a huge amount of debris into the atmosphere blocking out the sun’s light for years. Volcanoes are measured using the Volcano Explosivity Index (VEI). This is a scale of 0 – 8 with 0 being not explosive to 8 being a volcano that ejects at least 1000 cubic kilometers of ash and debris. To put this in perspective – that is enough to bury the city of London under 1km of debris! Supervolcanoes have a measurement of VEI-8 and there are six actors in the world today!

Asteroid Impacts

There is scientific proof that shows an asteroid impact ultimately led to the mass extinction of the dinosaurs. An asteroid actually caused the end of the world once already!  Although many asteroids collide with earth, most are so small we do not even notice them as they burn up in the atmosphere. However, with such a high number of rocks hurtling through space, it seems inevitable that at some point in the future, Earth will be in the firing line of a supersized asteroid!


Solar flares from the sun or detonation of a nuclear warhead high in the atmosphere can cause a significant EMP. This would fry all electronics making communication very difficult. A Faraday cage can protect valuable gadgets from this type of event. In the technological world we live in – if all our gadgets fried – could it be the end of the world?


 Nuclear War

With the current state of the world, I can’t imagine that a nuclear war will not happen. In my opinion, this is the biggest and most real threat to human life on Earth. With North Korea, Russia, and others starting to flex their nuclear capability muscles. I think it is just a matter of time before the next nuclear bomb is dropped.

If a nuclear war were to happen it would have a drastic effect on every single inhabitant of the Earth. There are many hazards that come with the aftermath of nuclear war including high levels of radiation in the atmosphere, vast amounts of smoke blocking sunlight meaning temperatures will plummet. Underground shelters would be your best bet for survival but this would not be an easy one to have a good quality of life through.



With humans living in close proximity to each other, a pandemic is not a far-fetched idea. Airborne viruses can infect millions of people in a very short space of time. Even viruses that are not airborne can have a massive impact on the population. The recent Ebola outbreak is a perfect example of this.

Zombie Apocalypse

We all have to admit that we have thought about a zombie apocalypse at some point in our preps. This has been glorified in movies and TV series and some companies have turned people’s “love” of Zombies into adrenaline-filled survival experiences. However, there have been cases where real people have “turned” (for lack of a better word) into Zombie-like creatures following abuse of drugs and/or alcohol. In 2012 a guy attacked a homeless man for eighteen minutes whilst under the influence of a potent form of LSD. Throughout the attack, the guy ate the victim’s facial features. He was tearing his face off with his mouth and eating what he tore off. It took four bullets to get him to eventually stop. Violence and insanity is a common side effect of this drug so if enough people abuse it we could have a mini zombie apocalypse one weekend.

There are also brain parasites that “control” a rat’s brain in order to get them eaten by a cat. Toxoplasma infects rats and makes them attracted to the smell of the cat’s urine. This causes the rats to get eaten by a cat which is when the Toxoplasma can reproduce. The cat’s digestive system is the perfect breeding ground for the parasite. By getting the rat eaten it can then continue its species. If this parasite were to evolve into something that could affect humans – who know what it could control a person to do?

This list is not meant to scare anyone. It is not a ranking of what is most likely to happen. It is simply a list of POSSIBLE scenarios that could lead to the end of the world as we know it. You should prepare for any situation that is most likely in the area where you live. Use this list to keep other possible outcomes in mind.

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