Impromptu Emergency Weapons

Impromptu Emergency Weapons

Protecting yourself will likely play a fairly substantial part in your survival during and after a major SHTF situation. From looters attacking anyone in their way after earthquakes or floods to home invasions with strangers taking you hostage. We all need to be able to defend ourselves. Part of prepping involves being able to defend yourself and your family should the need arise. As prepped as you may be, sometimes you can be caught off guard and you will have to improvise. This is where your creativity can come in as you make and use some impromptu emergency weapons.


As an Englishman, I had to include the “Millwall Brick” in this list. Without going into a huge amount of detail and for those who don’t know; Millwall FC is a football club that is known for having very passionate and sometimes aggressive fans. These fans are credited with creating this very effective weapon. The “brick” is simply a newspaper that has been folded and twisted into a very hard lump that can easily subdue an attacker with a big blow to the head.

Impromptu Emergency Weapons
Impromptu Emergency Weapons – a Millwall brick can cause a knockout blow and it is only made of newspaper!


If you are a keen skateboarder, biker or cyclist you probably have a number of these lying around the house. If you need to go on the attack, grab the chin strap and start swinging. Alternatively, if you have time you can actually put the helmet on and then go in for a head-butt. This does mean getting close to your attacker so I would normally favor the swing!

Wasp and fly spray

This stuff has a very similar effect to pepper spray when sprayed in the face of an attacker. This spray is cheap and easy to get hold of from most household stores. Like pepper spray, hold the can at arm’s length to keep some distance between you and your attacker, aim at the face and spray.

Impromptu Emergency Weapons
Wasp and fly spray

Sugar and boiling water

This is a nasty solution that can cause severe burns. If you are able to get some boiling water into a container, stir in some sugar and give it a quick mix. The sugar causes the water to stick to any exposed skin on the unlucky person who it gets thrown at. This means that it will continue to burn and cause extreme pain and severe damage to the attacker. Be careful of any splashes that may end up causing you harm.


Most people have a lot of pens all over the house. Hold one in a tight fist and go for a fast stabbing motion to the neck of an attacker with the exposed tip. This will be very painful and will make most attackers want to get away from you as quickly as possible.

The handle of a broom, spade etc

This is an obvious choice for a weapon. If you are able to get the main tool head off the stick you will be able to get much more power and balance into your swings. Even if this is not possible a good accurate swing should be enough for most attackers. Remember with any club-type weapon you are going for one big knockout blow. You want to subdue immediately not just slow them down.

Marbles and socks

If you have kids, chances are you will have marbles lying around your house. If you can get a handful of these and drop them into a sock you have a nice little weapon. Hold onto the opening end of the sock and swing hard and fast at your attacker. To use this effectively you may have to get fairly close to your attacker but a simple yet effective weapon nonetheless.

All of these household weapons are simply ways of defending yourself if you consider that you and/or your family are in immediate and grave danger. You must bear in mind that any action you take will have a consequence that needs to be dealt with. If law and order are not intact during a SHTF event, it doesn’t mean it will never be restored. If and when it does return you will have to explain your actions.

You need to use reasonable force in order to keep yourselves safe. If you knock an attacker unconscious with one shot, that is likely to be considered reasonable. However, if you then decide to continue to beat the unconscious attacker. This is unlikely to be considered a reasonable force.

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