An Interview with DD Hammocks

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An Interview with DD Hammocks

DD Hammocks offer an innovative range of comfy hammocks and tough tarps, along with numerous accessories and an ever-growing range of camping essentials perfect for outdoor survivalists, adventurers, and day-trippers alike. Their products have been very popular in the survival and preparedness world as of late. As a result of this, The Real Survivalists asked Ewan from DD Hammocks some questions to find out more about this brand of outdoor kit.

DD Hammocks
DD Hammocks

Tell us about DD Hammocks

DD Hammocks is a manufacturer/supplier of lightweight and high-quality hammock & tarp camping equipment and accessories. Founded in 2005 by Nick Vansittart after various trips the world over, we are based in Edinburgh, Scotland but our products have a worldwide reach. With a continually updated product range, we supply gear to the Armed Forces, SAR personnel, Scout groups, adventurers, outdoor sportspeople, bushcraft experts, outdoor professionals, survivalists and everyone between and on either side.

If someone is new to hammock camping – what have they been missing out on?

Hammock camping offers a very different experience to ground camping. The major benefit is that you can set up camp almost anywhere (with a little imagination)! You don’t need to worry about the rough or uneven ground as you will be comfortable hanging above it, and with a view of the night sky if you are lucky enough with the weather!

What makes DD Hammocks so popular? Why are you different to other camping/outdoor suppliers?

Our range of products is born from our own passion for the outdoors and adventure. From our own personal experiences, as well as from listening to customer feedback, we are able to produce a broad range of innovative camping equipment that is great for almost any type of trip or activity.

We place a lot of importance on our friendly customer service – we never want to try and push our most expensive and technical products onto people who do not necessarily need them. Hammock camping is a simple but beautiful thing, and we want to help our customers get out there with solid, honest advice and supply them with equipment that meets their personalized needs.

What are the advantages of hammock camping over traditional camping?

Whilst sleeping on the ground, there can be a lot of uneven pressure in your body and it can be hard to get comfortable. Once you have the hang of your hammock dialed in, you can benefit from the same comfy position you are used to every time you go out, no matter the location of the campsite.
Our hammocks seriously cut down on the weight of your pack compared to the vast majority of tents and can pack down to a much smaller size, tarp included. It also creates minimal environmental impact and truly allows you to leave no trace!

Which one of your products would you recommend to someone who wants to get involved in hammock camping?

For a simple but effective starter set-up, I would recommend the DD Frontline Hammock and our Tarp 3×3. The Frontline hammock is a lightweight, breathable hammock with an integrated mosquito net and a dual base layer so you can insert a sleeping mat for heat protection. The Tarp 3×3 can be pitched overhead in a lot of different configurations to give plenty of protection from any and all really awful weather.

Depending on the climate, we would also recommend an Inflatable Mat and/or Underblanket (as you can lose a fair amount of warmth from underneath when the thermometer drops!). We also offer a range of different accessories and suspension systems so you can customize your set-up to your own desire!

What is your favourite thing about hammock camping?

My favorite thing is the freedom that comes with not having to find that perfect mix of level, firm, but comfortable ground required for a tent. If you wanted to camp halfway up a craggy and gnarled slope, or in an abandoned quarry in the forest then there is nothing to stop you as long as there is something to hang from!

There is, too, nothing quite like chilling in your hammock in the garden on a Sunday afternoon with a good book!

Hammock camping is very versatile in that you can set up virtually anywhere. Are there any requirements for the ideal spot where you can set up a hammock ready to spend the night?

As you say, hammocks are far more versatile than most people think, so you can customize your hang to suit you, and in a huge variety of places. For a starting point, however, we recommend finding two sturdy trees 3 to 5 meters apart. Tie your webbing at around head height, and have the base of the hammock at your own personal “chair height”. This is a good starting basis for most users – me included!

What is next for DD Hammocks? What are the plans for the future?

In the last few years we’ve seen a good number of Scout groups getting into hammocking and this, along with seeing photos of our gear in action in exciting places all over the world has been great. If the business can continue to help people ‘explore the outdoors’ (our tag line!) then I, as I’m sure all of us at DD, feel we’re on the right track.

Encouraging exploration, at the same time as designing new and exciting products and retaining our friendly service is the way we look forward to seeing things continue in the future.

Where can people find out more about DD Hammocks?

You can find our entire product range and a huge range of tips on our website: – our customer service team is always on hand to help with any questions you might have and we are all enthusiastic about getting people into hammock camping!

We also have an active presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – we love it when customers send in photos and stories for us to share!

Hammocks can be a great addition to your kit. DD Hammocks have a very good reputation and have some great products. They are definitely worth thinking about if you want to add a hammock to your survival kit!

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