An Interview with Joe Wheeler from Knife Warehouse

An Interview with Joe Wheeler fromKnife Warehouse

Joe Wheeler has created the awesome site He has grown the site from the ground up and has turned it into a one-stop shop for any knife requirements. Joe was kind enough to answer some questions for The Real Survivalists. He shares his knowledge of knives with us and his answers are certainly worth paying attention to. Knives are a key component of most Preppers kits so here is what Joe had to say.

Tell us about Knife Warehouse

Joe Wheeler: I started about 7 years ago now. It keeps growing in popularity and now we are number one on Google for the search ‘knives’. I always have about 10 new knives on my desk waiting to be added to the site so we are constantly expanding the range. We are moving to a bigger warehouse so I will be able to buy in even more now.

We do a lot of promotions so it’s worth signing up to the newsletter, we are always trying to think up new offers and giveaways.

What are your thoughts on preparedness?

Joe Wheeler: It makes sense to prepare, anything could happen. Even if a survival situation never happens, preparing for it and learning new skills is great fun. Building a shelter, starting a fire and getting out in the open are all fun, learning first aid, knots, fishing and so on are also useful skills anyway, so why not prepare?

Preppers tend to have a few knives in their kit. What should they be looking for to identify a high-quality knife?

There are so many options when selecting a knife. You can go with a trusted brand but by saying that we have found a lot of great quality knives that are very affordable so you don’t need to spend hundreds. Miguel Nieto knives from Spain are very good, extremely sharp, good steel, high quality but not too expensive.

The type of steel used, its hardness and how well it keeps its edge is important.

There is a lot to think about with a knife, what you are after – looks, folding, locking or fixed blade, grind, steel, part serrated blade, seat belt cutters, gut hook? I could go on and on with options.

What is popular in the knife market at the moment?

Joe Wheeler: At the moment, we cannot get enough spring-assisted opening knives, they are flying off the shelves every day. As flick knives are banned in the UK these knives are popular as they are as close as you can get within the law. They are actually safer to use opening them one-handed and useful in emergencies when you may be cutting someone from a seat belt and need the other hand.

We are adding more Scandinavian brands right now, brands like Casstrom & Karesuando, who make beautiful traditional knives built to be used by hunters and last. As I said I am fan of Spanish knives at the moment so I have two new suppliers from there.

Can you explain how to properly maintain a knife to ensure long life and effectiveness?

Joe Wheeler: The golden rules are to keep your knife dry, clean, oiled, and sharp. Keep the whole knife dry not just the blade. Make sure the pivot points of your knife are regularly oiled as well as the blade. Make sure you clean out those moving parts and locking mechanisms. Always keep your knife razor-sharp of course, they say a sharp knife is safer than a blunt one.

Which knife from Knife Warehouse would you recommend to Preppers?

I think your Preppers like the Explorer knife. It has a little survival kit in the handle with the usual waterproof matches, fishing line and hooks, plasters, needles and a small scalpel among many other items. Its sheath has a compartment with slingshot elastic in it to turn the sheath into a slingshot. Loads of cool gadgets, check that out as it is only £29.99. is a fantastic resource for Preppers to have. Not only do they have extremely high-quality knives but it is overseen by a true gentleman in Joe who was willing to take time out of his busy schedule to answer these questions.

A huge thank you to Joe and make sure you keep your knives in top condition just in case you ever need to use it!

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