Interview with Tom Linden (Part 2)

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An Interview with Tom Linden (Part 2)

Tom Linden
Tom Linden is an expert in survival and preparedness. He was kind enough to share some of his knowledge with The Real Survivalists.

This is part 2 of The Real Survivalists interview with Tom Linden. In part 1, Tom has already shared a wealth of information that is invaluable. He wasn’t done there though and here is the rest of the interview.

If a nuclear bomb was dropped today – what should be a persons first actions to increase their chances of survival?

Tom Linden: If You are not a prepper and have no preps or any survival plan, quite frankly you are in deep doo doo.
Shops will have empty shelves, no 999 services will respond, hospitals, med centres, surgeries either destroyed, inaccessible, shut, over stretched with medical supplies running out with little or no chance of resupply. Clean drinking water will not come from taps anymore, toilets will not flush, disease will spread and infections will rage out of control. To protect yourself from nuclear radiation/fallout, remember it can only go where the wind blows it. Remember too that distance and shielding are the only ways to protect yourself from the effects of nuclear radiation. In other words what is between you and the radiation and how dense the material is. To increase your chances of survival – prepare now.

What can Survivalists do to help prepare for the possibility of nuclear war?

Tom Linden : Prepare for what disasters you may face where you live, you know flooding bad weather etc. Nuclear survival is everything you would need to survive any disaster and more as you will need some sort of covered shelter. Now this could be your home made with an inner refuge to protect you from radiation, or it could be a purpose built shelter.

 What do you think is the biggest threat to life as we know it in the immediate future?

Tom Linden: It has to be our just in time delivery system,put simply,once the shelves are empty there is no back up stock in the warehouse, and if it was an EMP/CME then the system and the trucks will not even start.

What is your survival or preparedness motto/favourite quote that you would use to keep pushing through in a survival situation?

Don’t panic! –  Cpt. Mainwaring 
It has to be a Positive mental Attitude and the WILL to SURVIVE.
Tom Linden
Tom Linden has been a great support and help to The Real Survivalists. It is fantastic to hear his thoughts on all things preparedness.
This interview with Tom Linden has been a privilege. So much can be learnt from his years of knowledge and experience. Tom has his own radio show ‘UK Preppers and Survivalist Radio Show’. It is well worth a listen each week to learn even more from this extremely knowledgeable Prepper.
Thank you once again to Tom for being such a gentleman during this interview.
More interviews with Survival and Preparedness experts coming very soon…

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