Life without the Internet

Life without the Internet

The internet is a very useful tool for pretty much anything you need to do. Many people have made their fortunes online. People have made thousands of friends all over the world from the comfort of their homes. On a daily basis, we can learn anything we want with just a few clicks of a mouse. Social media is commonplace now and it seems pretty rare to find someone who isn’t represented on social media in some way.

I find myself questioning a lot whether the internet is a good or a bad thing. I appreciate it in many ways, any research I need to do is made so much faster than it was when I had to rely on books. It is a boredom buster and a quick and easy way to communicate with many people in far-off lands. However, I am noticing more and more the lack of real social interaction – particularly in younger people. I can’t count the number of times I have been out with friends and they have spent the majority of their time staring at a phone or tablet screen.

Wi-Fi is even considered a basic human right for some people!

So what would life without the internet actually be like?
Communication would revert back to REAL talking

After an SHTF event, it may be some time before communication via the internet is possible. If it ever returns at all. People would have to talk to other people. Bartering would be done face to face. Friends would be made in a physical environment as opposed to a digital one. There would be no hiding behind a screen! Even if this wasn’t an SHTF event but simply just an entire internet crash we would revert back to our life before the internet (if anyone can remember what that was like?!) letters and phone calls would be the quickest ways to communicate with friends and relatives.


The internet may be a great boredom buster but we have other options available to us which would become our entertainment of choice without the internet. Books would be read more frequently. It has been a long time since I have seen someone read a book! Board games and toys would keep children entertained for hours and rather than watching strangers do funny things on YouTube we could actually spend quality time with friends and family and see what they do on a daily basis.


I find it frustrating how the English language has evolved into abbreviations and letters that don’t appear to spell an actual word (LOL, ROFL, etc) Without the internet it is highly likely people would have to talk properly in order to be understood. They would have to speak rather than sending Facebook messages and similar. The dictionary would be more commonly used to discover new word meanings. Thesauruses would be our point of call for synonyms.

Some businesses would not survive

A lot of companies rely heavily on online sales or services to bring in a lot of their money. With the internet gone a high number of businesses would not be able to exist. Think about how many businesses you know do not technically exist in the real world but are huge players online. eBay is an example I like to use. Without the ability to access a huge audience all over the world at any given time, many businesses would not survive without the internet.

We would slow down

I think this is the biggest consequence (or reward depending on how you look at it) of the internet dies. Everything would slow down. Our life would be lived at a walking pace instead of a sprinting speed. Before the internet we had to wait for pretty much everything, We couldn’t just click a few buttons and have the information or the product we need ready to download and save within a few seconds. People would have to be more patient and be more prepared to spend time getting what they need.

I often have conversations about how I prefer life without the internet and how I would be happier and less stressed in an internetless world. However, I do understand how much I actually use it without even realizing it and how it has made a huge difference to many people all over the world. I would like to think humans would survive without the internet. But I am concerned about how much most of us rely on it to function. After all, we have spent the majority of our species existence without the internet. Surely we can cope without it?

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