MARK 1 Pro Survival Kit Review

MARK 1 Pro Survival Kit Review

The MARK 1 Pro Survival Kit from Limitless Equipment is a complete and well-thought-out base-level survival kit that has everything you need to begin forming your full kit. With over 40 items in a pocket-sized ration tin. The MARK 1 Pro Survival Kit is very portable and will fit perfectly in the side pocket of your kit bag. The tin has been branded and looks great. This will make a great gift for a budding survivalist or it is a great starting point to help you build up your own survival kit.


The MARK 1 Pro Survival Kit includes:

Metal container
Emergency Whistle and fire striker
Water-resistant red LED
2 Mini Lightsticks: 8 hours emergency light
Liquid Filled Compass
2m reflective TACTI-GLOW Paracord: 7 strands. 550lb
Wire steel saw
Waterproof paper
1m copper snare wire. 0.8mm diameter
Sewing kit: Needles, thread, buttons, threader
2 paperclips
2 Ranger bands. 1 large. 1 small
Water carrier
Water filter kit
Tinder extender in vial
First Aid kit: Prep instruments, Gauze pads (8×6), cleaning, wound dressing, tinder etc.
Fishing Kit: hook ready tied to nylon. Size #10. Foam winder, 8m 6 lb fishing line & fishing lures
30 cm square tin foil

Key Features

There are a few key features to the Mark 1 Pro Survival Kit that make it stand out. Firstly the amount of items in this kit is incredible. More than 40 items in one small kit is such a good deal when it comes to a survival kit. They are quality items too. For example, the paracord comes in reflective tactic – glow black and has flammable inner core strands that can be used for fire lighting.

The tinder extender is another great addition to the kit. This is particularly useful in windy conditions where it might be more challenging to light a fire. Simply use the small vial of the extender with your tinder, and fire is much more achievable.

The tin itself that the contents of the MARK 1 Pro Survival Kit come in looks awesome. With the branding of Limitless Equipment and the unique decoration with skull print, the kit looks as good as its contents actually is. Not only that, but the tin is also super useful for survival tasks such as boiling water, using it to signal, as a cooking container and more. You could also use it as a char cloth-making tin by simply making a small nail hole in it.


The MARK 1 Pro Survival Kit has the basic kit you need for a variety of survival tasks. Hunting for food is covered with the snare wire and fishing kit. Water can be made drinkable with the filter kit. The water carrier can then be used to carry your water back to camp. You are covered for lighting with the red water-resistant LED light. The first aid supplies saw, fire lighting tools and pencil and paper ensure you have all you need for most survival tasks you need to complete.


The MARK 1 Pro Survival Kit comes in a conveniently sized tin. The entire kit can fit into a side pocket of your backpack or even into your trouser pockets! It measures only 7x10x4 cm. It only weighs 180 grams too which makes this such an easy addition to your survival kit bag.

Where to buy

The MARK 1 Pro Survival Kit is available from Limitless Equipment for £32.99 although it is on sale until the end of Friday 27th October at £14.99

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