Pentagon Aris Tactical Pants Review

Pentagon Aris Tactical Pants Review

The Real Survivalists have been looking for high quality outdoor clothing for a while. As we move into winter and the weather gets colder and a bit harsher – having the appropriate clothing becomes even more important than usual. 

When we spoke to Military 1st and they suggested we try out the Pentagon Aris Tactical Pants, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to hand them over to Rob to put them through their paces.  

Here’s what Rob found:

First Impressions

Upon opening the Pentagon Aris Tactical Pants, it was clear that these were a very cool pair of tactical trousers. As most Preppers do, I like military looking attire and these certainly fit into that category. The camo green definitely worked for me!

Pentagon Aris Tactical Pants
Military style and camo in colour are always good starting points for me!

The feel of them gave me high expectations. They felt like they would be very hard wearing and I wasn’t disappointed (more on that later!). 

I also couldn’t help but notice the number of pockets available. I counted at least 4 pockets on the front of the legs which immediately got me thinking about how much I could carry with me through the week of testing I had planned. 

Comfort and Style of Pentagon Aris Tactical Pants 

Comfort and style are not always high on the list of priorities for some Preppers and Survivalists. However, Pentagon have made not only a practical pair of trousers but also a comfortable pair too. I wore these everyday for a week and put them through their paces in a number of different environments and I have to say that I found them comfortable in each one. 

Out in the woods, in the warehouse, at home and in town – in every situation, the Aris Tactical Trousers were comfortable and allowed me to move freely and comfortably to complete all tasks required. 

Pentagon Aris Tactical Pants
Feeling comfy yet practical out in the woods

One thing I look for in tactical clothing is that it doesn’t look out of place in every day life. One test I like to do when it comes to Prepper clothing is wearing it in my local supermarket. If I can get my shopping without being pointed at or stared at for dressing like a crazy man – then I consider my clothing appropriate.  The Pentagon Aris Tactical Pants can be worn as a more sturdy pair of everyday trousers as well as out and about in the woods or on a hike. This is a really positive thing for me, as promoting you are a Prepper is not always a good thing! 

Practicality of Pentagon Aris Tactical Pants 

The first thing I have to mention regarding the practicality of the Pentagon Aris Tactical Pants (and I have already mentioned this once!) is the sheer number of pockets. Anywhere you could need a pocket, there is one! Various sizes for various tools – I do enjoy a good, practical pair of trousers and these certainly didn’t disappoint. 

Pentagon Aris Tactical Pants
So many pockets…

The pocket I found most useful, was the small pocket on the right thigh. I carry a small flip knife for opening boxes, cutting rope etc and it just happened to fit perfectly into the thigh pocket. This, for me anyway, was the perfect little pocket. 

The water resistant properties came in particularly handy during a wet couple of days. Moving between the warehouse, office and the woods did not allow much time to be constantly changing clothes. Fortunately, these fit nicely into each situation. During rain, I could notice the water being wicked away from my legs. 

One of my favorite points of these trousers is their flexibility. Whether I was crouching, standing, walking or running, the Aris Tactical Pants moved with me and gave me enough flexibility to do everything I needed to do. 

Pentagon Aris Tactical Pants
Comfortable, practical and flexible

My thoughts on the Pentagon Aris Tactical Pants 

Overall, I was very happy with the Pentagon Aris Tactical Pants and I plan on buying a couple of pairs. I love the military look and style of the trousers and they met expectations on the practical front too.

They felt durable throughout my testing. I wore them everyday for a week and I couldn’t feel any tears or blemishes forming throughout. During the day, I tend to be very active and my clothes tend to take a bit of a beating from dust, moving things around and general survivalist play! I only have a few items of clothing that have lasted long enough to become favorites and these feel like they have what it takes!

As an added bonus – they look great with a strong pair of boots too!

Pentagon Aris Tactical Pants
I will be buying a couple of pairs as these trousers worked perfectly for me in testing.

Official Specifications of the Pentagon Aris Tactical Pants

  •  Classic jeans cut design with contemporary look and feel
  • YKK self-locking fly zip with additional PRYM snap and button
  • Two regular front hand pockets with reinforced fillets
  • Small front sleeve utility pockets on each leg
  • Two expandable side cargo pockets with inner sleeve pockets
  • Two rear pockets with hook-and-loop secured flaps
  • Internal knee pad pockets
  • Diamond crotch for added comfort and freedom of movement
  • Elasticated tunnel tube waistband for perfect fit
  • Triple stitching on stress points
  • Seven belt loops can accommodate belt up to 1.7″ (4.3cm) wide
  • DuPont Teflon Shield+ fabric protector repels water, oil and stains
  • Hardwearing 225gsm two-way Ripstop mechanical stretch fabric
  • Material: 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton
  • Manufacturer: Pentagon
  • Manufacturer’s number: K05021-06CG


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