The Real Survivalists – Preparedness in the UK

The Real Survivalists – Preparedness in the UK

The purpose of this article is to give you information on the various ways The Real Survivalists are trying to develop a community based around survival and preparedness in the UK.

The Real Survivalists have always had the aim of allowing access to information to anyone with an interest in preparedness in the UK. We have been working hard to develop, grow and evolve as more and more people in the UK become involved in preparedness.

As more people find The Real Survivalists we, of course, adapt (as any prepper would) to the new challenges this presents. We try to reach as many people as possible to help them all find whatever it is they need about preparedness in the UK.

Here are some of the ways we are doing it:

Social media

The Real Survivalists keep active social media accounts. On social media we share articles, interviews, reviews and anything else that goes live on the site. We also share fun posts, polls, questions and stuff we think you will find useful. Our social media has a focus on issues that impact preparedness in the UK.

Facebook: TheRealSurvivaistsUK

This is our most popular social media account and the one we use the most. Our content works well on Facebook and it is a great way of reaching a lot of the preparedness UK community. There is a good level of interaction and we love seeing preppers interact with us as well as each other!

Instagram: therealsurvivalists 

This is our least popular social media account simply because our content is mostly based on words rather than images. However, we share our preparedness information on Instagram in the hope it can help others if they haven’t found the other branches of the TRS community yet.

Twitter: RealSurvivor1

Our Twitter account is an active one that shares all of our content. It is our second most popular account with some good levels of interaction.


The Real Survivalists recently set up a sub community on Reddit. We did this because we were looking to join one ourselves and couldn’t find one that we liked. There are a lot of American based preparedness sub-reddits and some inactive UK preparedness ones. However we couldn’t find an active UK preparedness sub – reddit. This led to TRSpreparedness being born.

This is also a place where other Preppers can share information they find useful.

This is just one more way we share our content in the hope that we reach even more people and help others to be prepared for whatever comes our way.

the website

Our main tool for sharing as much information about preparedness in the UK is our website ( We currently have over 100 articles (and growing) all about preparedness. There are informative articles, interviews with experts, product reviews and lots more. Seeing as you are already here – you might as well have a quick look around and see if we are the community for you!


We have a growing mailing list who receive regular updates from The Real Survivalists straight to their inbox. This eliminates the need to search for preparedness information – we send it direct to you! More and more people are joining The Real Survivalists and staying up to date with all things related to preparedness in the UK.

The Real Survivalists will continue to grow, develop, adapt and evolve. We know there are still people we want as part of our community who don’t know about us yet.

The Real Survivalists have big things planned and we hope to have as many of you as possible involved with us.

If you or someone you know has even the remotest interest in preparedness in the UK, please tell them about The Real Survivalists.

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