Prevent Germs Spreading

Prevent Germs Spreading

Controlling the spread of germs is one aspect of your hygiene that should not be overlooked.

The term ‘Germ’ usually relates to any micro-organism that can cause illness or disease. By not allowing these germs an easy ride in spreading, we can help control any illnesses and stay healthy for longer.


Children and the elderly are most at risk from germs due to under-developed or weakened immune systems. For these groups, good hygiene and high level germ control is essential to prevent illness.

common spreading methods

Some of the most common ways germs spread include:

Nose, mouth, or eyes to hands to others
Hands to food
Food to hands to food
Infected child to hands to other children (a parent helping a sick child, passes germs on to another child)
Animals to people

ways to stop germs spreading

Wash your hands

It is simple common sense and very basic hygiene but washing your hands regularly is a very effective way of stopping the spread of germs. You should wash your hands after going to the toilet, before and after preparing food, after touching an animal or any other situation where germs could have made their way onto your hands.

Safe food handling

From storing food appropriately, to having clean preparation surfaces, by handling your food safely – you minimise the risk of germs spreading

Don’t pick your nose

The hairs in your nose are there to catch flying debris before it enters your sinus and lungs. Also, your nose is warm and moist – a perfect breeding ground for germs to grow. One rouge germ on your finger and you have started your journey to sickness.

Be careful around animals

Bird flu, swine flu and other serious conditions have all occurred because of contact with animals. Care also needs to be taken around pets to make sure we don’t pick up anything from them. Hand washing and avoiding licks to the face and mouth can be enough to keep you and your four legged friend healthy.

Clean living environment

We have already mentioned how important washing your hands is in the prevention of spreading germs. However, if your living environment is not equally as clean, then washing your hands is effectively cancelled out.

Regularly clean your worktops, cutlery, clothes, sheets etc to keep your home in prime germ fighting condition.

What if germs are already present?

The above methods are about preventing germs in the first place as well as stopping them spreading. If germs have already made someone sick then your methods of spread prevention need to get a little more robust

Use barriers

The use of barrier methods such as masks can help to prevent germs spreading from an infected person to others. Barriers are effective against airborne germs.


Quarantine! By keeping infected people away from non infected, the germs can’t spread to them!

Quarantine does not have to be solitary confinement with armed guards like you see in films. It can be as simple as asking people who are likely to have an infection to remain at home rather than going to school or work.

For more dangerous and life threatening illnesses, then full on medical quarantine is called for.


Sometimes things go wrong and we get sick. Unfortunately, these things happen. However by following the advice given in this article we can give ourselves the best chance possible of avoiding illness and stopping the spread of germs.

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  1. The biggest issue with germs is those folks who rely on their paycheck.. 70% of our working folks live paycheck to paycheck… So they feel the only way to “survive” is to work. AND THEY WORK – whether they are healthy OR SICK! Spreading the germs… Also, because they live paycheck to paycheck, they don’t separate themselves from a sick environment when the time comes to protect themselves from getting sick. I’m usually the last person out the door where I work. My closing procedures include the spraying of all cubicles with Lysol disinfectant spray and the wiping down of all door handles. I laugh when people want to know why it stinks like a cheap air freshener in the office. But, I’m doing them the favor and protecting myself from the spread of nastys in the spaces. Respectfully, The Break Away Homesteader.

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