Protecting Your Home

Protecting Your Home

Your home is your castle. It is your safe place where you can be yourself and relax after a hard days work. Your home is also the place where you will keep all the things most valuable to you. Protecting your home from burglaries is something most take very seriously. Unfortunately, we now live in a world where people are more than happy to take from others in order to help themselves. This becomes even more apparent after a SHTF event.

I’m sure you have seen on the news all the looting and other forms of chaos that occur after any kind of disaster. It is a sad fact of life you now need to be protecting your home to keep the bad guys out.

Here are some DIY methods of protecting your home:


This is a simple but potentially effective deterrent for would-be thieves. Most bad guys want to get in and out of your house as quickly, painlessly and quietly as possible. Having thorny plants by your windows takes away the option of a quick and painless entry.

If a bad guy has a choice of houses to try and enter, they will be less likely to choose yours over others with a clear path to entry.

Two things to remember with placing anything near windows – firstly, make sure they do not hinder you from getting out of your house if needed. Make sure your exit routes are always clear. Secondly, ensure that the plants do not provide a hiding place or a ‘step up’ into your house. Choose and place your thorny plants carefully.


This is used more as a warning system for you and your family but it could also be enough of a distraction to make any burglar stop in their tracks and leave. If you put a bell on your door, whenever it opens there will be an audible cue letting you know that someone is entering your home.

If you are expecting someone and hear the bell – you can safely assume it is your guest. However, if the bell rings during the night when you and your family are in bed – you now have warned that someone may be in your home and you can get ready to escape safely or defend yourself if appropriate.


Another simple way of protecting your home from robberies is by not making it obvious you have anything worth stealing. Some robberies are random but some are targeted. The targeted ones are likely to be more planned and more dangerous as the bad guys know what they want and will do whatever it takes to get it. By not displaying that you have things of value, you massively reduce the risk of becoming a victim of a targeted robbery. Keep your valuables and valuable purchases low-key and out of the public eye.


This method isn’t suitable for everyone. However, it is an option for protecting your home that should be considered if possible. Dogs act as an early warning system. They are likely to hear someone approaching your house long before you do. A well-timed bark can be the perfect deterrent for a would-be thief. If the bark isn’t enough to scare the bad guys away, you have now been warned that something is wrong and you can prepare to act accordingly.


As an absolute last resort for protecting your home – use physical force. I would NEVER suggest approaching, fighting or attacking an intruder in your home; but sometimes the situation makes it your only available option.

If all other methods of protecting your home have failed and the bad guy is in your house, then it will be up to you to keep your family safe. Use anything you need to subdue the intruder but please remember you are VERY  likely to face legal consequences if you act in a way that is seen as more than ‘reasonable force’.

Do the minimum you physically need to in order to protect yourself. Remember, they are the bad guy, not you. But that can easily and quickly change if you take things too far!


Some of these methods will not be suitable for protecting your home. The final decision of how you choose to do so will depend on your own individual circumstances. Your home is your castle so do what you need to to make sure it is safe and secure.

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