An Interview with Steven Kelly from South West Survival

An Interview with Steven Kelly from South West Survival

The Real Survivalists recently sat down with Steven Kelly from South West Survival. South West Survival is a survival school led by military and ex military professionals. They have a range of courses available to help you learn how to survive out in the Wilderness.

South West Survival
Steven Kelly is ready to teach you all you need to know to survive in the wilderness with South West Survival

Here is what Steven had to say:

Tell us about yourself

Hey I am Steven Kelly, 32 years of age, married and have a beautiful daughter called Chloe. I am a full time soldier serving in 29 Commando Regiment based in Plymouth with 16 years service.

How did South West Survival begin?

I started South West Survival in 2015 because I lost my eye sight in my right eye and I was due to be medically discharged from the army. I needed a job to support my family, and survival and bushcraft have always been my passion so South West Survival was born. The great thing is, the army kept employing me!

What do you hope to achieve with South West Survival? What are your goals?

My goal is to be able to grow South West Survival big enough to do it full time and show as many people as possible how great the outdoors really is.

What has been the most useful survival skill in all your experiences?

Positive attitude is the best skill to posses in a survival situation. You could have all the survival skills in the world, but if you are mentally weak, you will crumble like a wet paper bag.

Which environment do you think is hardest to survive in? why?

I believe the desert is the hardest environment to survive in due to limited resources and the heat. if you don’t find water fast or get out of the sun, you can struggle with heat exhaustion or die with dehydration.

Are there any tools that you always have with you when venturing out into new environments?

A knife is the number one tool I will always carry. REMEMBER you are only as sharp as your knife.

What is your favourite part of your job?

I love seeing children push through their comfort zones. When it comes to bugs, a lot of children are scared to handle them. By the end of my events, I have the children eating bugs.

What can people expect when attending a South West Survival course?

Pushed through boundaries in a fun and safe environment

What advice would you give someone who wants to start building their survival knowledge base?

Do a basic course, read the SAS Survival handbook ,and watch Ed Stafford Marooned – amazing TV show. Just get out in the woods and play about, it’s as simple as that.

What is your favourite survival quote or motto?

Your Knife is your Life!
Survival is tough, but its tougher when you are stupid.

How can people find out more about South West Survival?

Check us out on Facebook

The Real Survivalists would like to say a huge thank you to Steven. Not only for taking the time out of his busy schedule to answer our questions but also for his 16 years of service working to keep us all safe.

The world would be very different without people like Steven so thank you – we appreciate all you do!

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