Survival Uses For Rubbish Bags

Survival Uses For Rubbish Bags

In a shtf situation, it is important to take everyday objects and adapt their usage to benefit your survival. There are a number of survival uses for rubbish bags. Some are obvious while some may be a bit more creative.

Here are some of the many survival uses for rubbish bags:

Picking up rubbish

This one is technically not a survival use for rubbish bags but is actually their intended use. However, in a survival situation, clearing your camp area or, in some situations, moving on without leaving any trace, picking up any rubbish can be seen as a very important survival use for rubbish bags.

Signaling for Help

If you’re stranded in the wilderness and awaiting rescue, you want to leave a clear sign of your whereabouts. Rescuers will be looking for something out of the ordinary and a well placed rubbish bag can be a great way to alert them of where you are.

Shelter from Rain

Turning a rubbish bag into an emergency poncho can keep you surprisingly dry (and warmer) in a survival situation. If you have enough rubbish bags, you could even make a pretty decent tent.


Filling a rubbish bag with some foliage, seal it up and you have a half decent improvised mattress to sleep on. Fill another rubbish bag and you can make yourself a comfy pillow too! Survive in comfort! Making bedding is one of the more important survival uses for rubbish bags as it keeps your body out of direct contact with the ground meaning you can hold on to your body heat more effectively.

Collect Rain Water

You can use a rubbish bag as a clean way to collect rain water. You can also line buckets or other containers to make them a bit more hygienic.

Melt Snow

If you’re in a colder climate without rain, you can put snow in a rubbish bag. If there is sunlight, you can leave the bag in the sun to melt the snow inside or you can find other ways to warm up and melt the snow. Once it is melted, you have a rubbish bag full of water.

Protect Food

Once you have found food, you won’t want bugs or vermin getting to it. Rubbish bags can help keep your precious food supply safe.

Carry Supplies

Being bags, one of the more obvious survival uses for rubbish bags is that you can carry supplies in them. Whether it’s firewood, food or other supplies, rubbish bags will make transportation much easier and allow you to carry more.


With enough rubbish bags tied nice and tight, you could use them as an emergency tourniquet. Not ideal but if worst comes to worst, this could be a life saving survival use for rubbish bags.


A rubbish bag can be used as a barrier between an open wound and the outside world. This can help prevent infection or the cut getting worse.

Trail Marker

Simply rip or cut pieces of the rubbish bag off and tie them around branches or similar. This can be a simple way of marking your direction of travel for rescuers to follow.

A Makeshift Shower

Fill a rubbish bag with water and then tie it to a high tree branch. Poke a hole in it and you have yourself a simple shower. If you leave the bag full of water in the sun for a few hours first, you can even have a warm shower.


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