Preparedness is defined as a state of readiness. Effectively, preparedness is all about being ready and able to deal with whatever comes your way and maintain a quality of life that you are happy and comfortable with.

In the past, Preppers and preparedness have not always been seen in a positive light. When people heard the words prepper, prepping, preparedness, and similar, they assumed these all related to ‘the end of the world’, ‘the apocalypse’ or ‘doomsday’.

However, in reality, preparedness is simply about giving yourself and your family the greatest chance of survival through situations that could potentially change your life. That’s where The Real Survivalists can help. is all about real survival and real preparedness for real people. Whether you want to learn about wilderness survival, preparedness equipment reviews, first aid or read interviews with experts; you will find all of these and more on this site. is a UK-based survival and preparedness website. It is all about sharing information with as many people as possible in a number of different ways.

With more and more people becoming involved in the survival and preparedness world, The Real Survivalists hopes to provide something for everyone. From complete newbies with no survival experience or knowledge at all to seasoned survivalists who are looking to top up their knowledge base or share their skills and experiences with others.

The type of material you will find at The Real Survivalists varies from how-to articles, interviews, product reviews, and much more. Preparedness is something that more and more people are getting involved in. In an ever-changing world, no one knows what is around the corner – be a part of The Real Survivalists and do what you can to stay alive.

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