Water-to-Go Bottles Review

Water-to-Go Bottles Review

Water-to-Go have created some of the most impressive water bottles I have ever seen. With the help of technology originally developed for NASA, they have managed to design and create a water bottle and filter that makes any water source (apart from sea water) safe to drink!

Imagine the survival benefits of this. ANY fresh water source can be used as drinking water without the need for any additional filtration or purification. Water is the key to life. In a survival situation it is of high priority to quickly find drinking water. With a bottle from Water-to-Go, this problem is almost immediately solved!

Water-to-Go now have different styles of bottle available. They also come in a variety of colours and designs. This means a Water-to-Go bottle will fit perfectly into your survival kit or bug out bag. Both in size and in design.

Water-to-Go Bottles
Water-to-Go Bottles
The Filter

Water-to-Go have three different technologies being used in each one of their filters. This enables the filter to eliminate 99.9% of contaminants in the water being filtered. This is a HUGE achievement that has been made possible by using filter material originally designed for the NASA Space Program!

The filter is made up with:

Filter material that has one of the smallest pore sizes ever developed for water filtration.

Activated carbon particles that reduce bad taste and odours.

The material releases a positive hydro static charge when it comes into contact with the water.

Water-to-Go Bottles
Water-to-Go 75cl bottle filter
Water-to-Go Bottles
Water-to-Go 50cl bottle filter in white with lid
How it works

The Water-to-Go filter is a sophisticated design. Eliminating 99.9% of all contaminants in water is no small feat! The filter has 3 technologies with each one adding an additional layer to the effectiveness:

Mechanical filtration. A very small pore size which stops contaminants passing through.

Electrical (by a positive charge). Reduces the pore size even further and attracts the contaminants like a magnet would. Trapping them inside the filter.

Carbon (contained within membrane). Instead of using adhesives to glue carbon particles together, (which vastly reduces the carbon’s efficiency) it is contained within the membrane. This helps to reduce contaminants whilst eliminating bad tastes and odours.

Water-to-Go filters remove bacteria, viruses, water borne disease, protozoa, heavy metals such as lead and harmful chemicals! It really is extremely impressive what this filter can do. For a full list of what the filter can remove – see the list here.

The Bottles

The Water-to-Go bottles aim to reduce the unbelievably high amount of plastic waste that pollutes our planet. Single use water bottles are a big component of this waste. People discarding them poorly and inappropriately cause great damage to the environment! A Water-to-Go bottle and filter can be used to make 130 or 200 litres of water safe to drink (depending on which one you buy). To put that into perspective, that is the equivalent of  260 or 400 single use bottles of water! This makes Water-to-Go very cost effective as well as being an awesome survival tool.

Each bottle is very light. It is very easy to hold and takes up a very small amount of space in your kit bag. The bottles feel robust enough to deal with everything you require it to in a survival situation.

What is it made of?

All parts of the Water-to-Go bottles and filters are BPA (Bisphenol A) free. The materials used to make the components have been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in America.


Water-to-Go currently have 2 bottle options to choose from. The GO! bottle and the standard Water to Go Bottle.

GO! Bottle

The GO! Bottle holds 50cl of water with each filter being able to filter 130 litres (approximately 2 months worth). It features a textured grip area making it comfortable to hold with little chance of you dropping it while filling. Weighing in at only 98 grams, you can add this to your bug out bag or survival kit without adding any noticeable weight.

The GO! Bottle also comes with a small timer that clearly indicates when your filter is due for a change. Water-to-Go really have thought of everything on this one!

GO! Bottles
GO! Bottles
Water to Go Bottle

The standard Water-to-Go Bottle was the original design and is still one of the best designs I have come across. It holds 75cl of water and its filter can be used for 200 litres (approximately 3 months). The Water-to-Go Bottle only weighs 138 grams with the filter in so it is such a light addition to a kit bag.

Water-to-Go 75cl Bottles
Water-to-Go 75cl Bottles

Both types of bottle come in a variety of colours and look as awesome as their water filtration capabilities. I really love these bottles!


Water-to-Go bottles and filters are one of my favorite pieces of my survival kit. They are so effective at what they do that I would not have a kit without one now. These bottles allow you to remove the majority of your water supplies from your kit. By carrying an empty Water-to-Go bottle and a spare filter, you have everything you need to filter any water for the next few months.

Where to buy

Both the GO! Bottle and Water-to-Go Bottle can be bought directly from Water-to-Go. Replacement filters can also be purchased.

The Water-to-Go 50cl GO! Bottle is £12.99

The Water-to-Go 75cl Bottle is £24.99

Use The Real Survivalists unique discount code TRS15 to receive 15% off any purchase through the Water-to-Go website.

Water-to-Go Bottles
Water-to-Go Bottles



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