Winter Foot Care

Winter Foot Care

It’s that time of year when the weather tends to get colder, wetter and you have to get your more heavy duty boots out. Add your thicker socks to the mix and your feet can take quite a beating during the winter months. Your winter foot care routine needs to be on point in order to prevent foot issues.

Foot issues can make getting around on foot much harder. If you need to bug out in winter then having your feet in top condition can make all the difference.

Here are things to consider adding to your winter foot care routine:

Stay Well-Hydrated

Staying hydrated is a simple addition to your winter foot care routine. By staying fully hydrated your body is able to perspire as it needs to. If you are dehydrated, your perspiration becomes impeded which causes salt crystals to be left on the surface of your skin. Without sufficient perspiration, chafing can become an issue causing discomfort and your journey will be made that much more challenging.

Staying hydrated can also help prevent blisters which is an added bonus!

Wear Appropriate Socks

Wearing anything that is too tight against the skin is likely to cause chafing. This includes socks. Socks made from breathable fabrics are most suitable.

Make sure you wash all your new socks before wearing them on long hikes and wear them around the house before trusting them on a big bug out! Also keep an eye on when your socks have started to wear. Holes and worn areas can cause uncomfortable blisters.

Pick the Right Shoes/Boots

We have spoken about choosing the right footwear before and this becomes even more necessary during winter.

If you do find yourself chaffing or with a blister, then the below should be added to your winter foot care routine:

Use Talcum Powder

Talcum powder is a well established way of staying dry. Simply apply a small amount to the area of chaffing on your foot. Make sure you wash the affected area first though if possible.

Wrap with Moleskin

Moleskin is a heavy cotton fabric, woven and then sheared to create a short, soft pile on one side.  You can buy it as adhesive pads to stick to your skin. If you have a blister, moleskin is a great method for dealing with it. You can cut out a circle just bigger than the blister, but then take the center out of it as well, leaving you with a rubber ring shape. When you apply the moleskin, the ring you’ve created will cushion the blister without covering it.

Your winter foot care routine and methods will vary depending on your activities and area you live. However, regardless of what you do, it is always important to look after your feet. They will ultimately be what is carrying you to your end destination.

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