Wisport Ranger 30L Rucksack Review

Wisport Ranger 30L Rucksack Review

The Wisport Ranger 30L Rucksack from Military 1st has been developed with the help of Polish Military forces. It is made of durable Cordura nylon which makes it very tough and it has an internal PU coating to increase waterproofing. The Olive Drab color that The Real Survivalists was given looks awesome too. It produces a very tactical look without making you stand out in a crowd. The Wisport Ranger 30L Rucksack would be perfect as a 72-hour bug-out bag or survival kit bag.

Shoulder Straps

The Wisport Ranger 30L Rucksack has ergonomically shaped padded shoulder straps. These make the bag really comfortable to wear. Even on longer journeys, this wouldn’t be too much of a problem to carry on your back. The shoulder straps are a great width too. Again, this adds to the comfort of the bag. When looking for a bag, I always think comfort is an overlooked consideration. It is all well and good having a bag that can carry all of your survival gear. But if it is uncomfortable to wear, your survival gear just became an issue rather than a help! The Wisport Ranger 30L Rucksack has a high level of comfort.

Wisport Ranger 30L Rucksack Review
Shoulder Straps

Other Straps

One feature that I tend to look for in a rucksack is a chest strap. These help you share some of the load with your back and make the bag that much easier to carry. The chest strap on the Wisport Ranger 30L Rucksack is quick release. This is a fantastic feature as it means there is little delay in getting the bag off your back and ready to use. I have had rucksacks before where I have tried to take it off my back while still on the move, only for the chest strap to require me to come to a halt to be able to remove it. There is no such issue with the Ranger. One quick click and it is done!

The waist strap is wide, which again helps with comfort but also load sharing. This is removable so you have the option to use this feature or not. I always like having customisable kit so the fact that you can adapt this bag, even in this small way, is a positive thing for me.

Main Compartment

The main compartment of the Wisport Ranger 30L Rucksack is spacious and will have no trouble in accommodating a variety of gear.There is an internal pouch on the back side of the compartment. There is also a zipped net section on the front. I really like these additional storage solutions. They are a great way of keeping certain pieces of your kit separate from others without having to have an additional compartment.

Wisport Ranger 30L Rucksack Review
Zipped inner net pocket

Front Compartment

The Front compartment of the Wisport Ranger 30L Rucksack is bigger than it looks! Once unzipped you can see that it goes down nearly the full length of the bag. There are no additional pockets or pouches here but it provides ample space on its own.

Front Small Compartment

There is a small zipped compartment on the front of the Wisport Ranger 30L Rucksack. This, again, is larger inside than you might expect. It is big enough for a few water bottles or other similar sized kit.

Additional Features

The Wisport Ranger 30L Rucksack has bottle holder pouches either side of the bag (2 in total). These have a small drawstring enabling you to sufficiently tighten them around your bottles, preventing them from wobbling around or falling out on your travels. These could also be used to hold canteens, radios etc.

Wisport Ranger 30L Rucksack
Side pockets with drawstring

One of my favorite hidden features about this rucksack is the included waterproof cover. This quickly and easily pulls out of its pocket and can be used to cover the whole bag, protecting it from the elements. When not in use, it is hidden away in a small pocket at the bottom of the outside of the bag. This makes it very accessible without having to remove anything from the bag to use.

The back of the rucksack (the part that is against your back) is quite heavily padded. This adds to the comfort of the Wisport Ranger 30L Rucksack. I can honestly say it is one of the most comfortable bags I have worn and carried kit around in.

Paracord is used for all of the zip pulls. This little bit of creativity shows how much detail has been put into the Ranger to make it as practical as possible.As paracord is so strong, this feature will likely lengthen the life of the bag which adds a great value.


The Wisport Ranger 30L Rucksack is an awesome kit bag! It weighs just over 1kg when empty but the high-quality straps make it feel very light when worn. Even the carry handle at the top of the bag feels super strong. This bag will last, it looks and feels like it can take a beating and will keep coming back for more.

Where to buy

The Wisport Ranger 30L Rucksack is available from Military 1st for £79.95

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