Your Questions for The Real Survivalists

Your Questions for The Real Survivalists

The next edition of The Real Survivalists ‘Interviews With Experts‘ is coming soon. However, this  edition will be different from previous interviews.

For one time only, The Real Survivalists will be answering the questions instead of asking them!

To make sure the questions are good ones, we are opening up the role of interviewer to you. Simply fill in the form below with any questions you want TRS to answer and the best ones will be chosen and answered during the interview.

You also have the opportunity to suggest any other individuals or companies you would like to see be interviewed in future editions of ‘Interviews With Experts’

The questions must be survival and preparedness related or to do with the site, future plans etc – nothing personal or too embarrassing please 😉

Questions will be chosen on Monday 10th December so make sure you get your suggestions in before then.


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